By Keiyoko Bennett

China has been ambitious in the pursuit of building a massive trade system that connects Africa, Europe and Asia together. There have been numerous issues that have arisen due to how they will make the route functional and efficient. It will have to have the capability travel through multiple different terrains and even be able to travel through the ocean to get to a key trade point Kenya.This type of system requires the consent of numerous nations. There are many that have expressed an interest in the ambitious program. The trade route boasts the ability to boost the other nations economy. However, there have been social component this zealous plan is seen as China’s way of expanding its territory into nations where some don’t believe it belongs. Since there would only be Chinese workers constructing the route this made nations skeptical of China’s true intentions of building a route that benefits everyone or weather they are beginning to imperialize more nations for itself.

There have been politicians in other nations such as Japan and the United States that propose that they could do better in building a better trade route. There has also ben doubt that China wouldn’t build a technologically advanced system but rather a dingy unsophisticated system that will falter.

The delegates were up for the challenges that they faced in building the ultimate trade route. One directive to address the issues they faced was “For the People” it has the goal to hire people from all of the nations involved so that they can also benefit from the route. The directive even aims for transparency to have outside auditors to monitor the progress of the route while it is being built and publish their findings. The delegates truly have their people’s interests in mind.