By Nishanth Selvalingam

Lord and Ladies of various Halls and Houses have titanic tugs of war for power, threatening to pull us all off plot. Following a successful rebellion against the mad king Ares Targaryen led by Robert Baratheon (hence, “Robert’s Rebellion”, in case you were baffled) the committee is taxed with the process of post-war rehabilitation. A small coalition of independent Houses decide post-rebellion to secede from Robert’s nascent nation following a passionate soap-opera-esque falling out between Robert and his uncomfortably close friend, Eddard Stark. It is at this juncture that I join the committee, now consisting of the consortium of independents running off into one corner to start a fledgling fiefdom of their own.

The first concern of this ragtag assembly of rebel lords is to establish how to protect themselves from an invasion from the North (Robert, after all, is a Northman and still has loyal to his banner a large number of Northern states).  Some suggest the best defense is offense. Rickard Karstark of House Karhold suggests the use of wildfire, an alchemical explosive that the Dragon-riding Targaryen household was rumored to have invented and that the Northern rebellion is rumored to have captured upon seizing the capital, King’s Landing to blow up the Great Wall, a structure that separates the civilized part of the realm from the brutish terrain of the Wildlings such that the Wildlings would overrun the North and cause mayhem.

In the meantime, following after the footsteps of our august President, Karhold suggests building a new wall in the south to lock out the Wildlings and the Northmen alike. This is a popular plan. Other lords suggest economic sanctions in place of military action to starve the North, an arid and unarable land. To decide a course of action, the coalition would have to take a step back and focus on nation-building, which at this juncture meant establishing a Small Council, or rather, a group of executives. When the council was adjourned for a rebel lunch, they were in the midst of debating amongst themselves to elect a Master of Coin (The Finance Minister), a Master of Law (The Attorney General Lawmaker), a Master of Ships (The Naval Captain), a Master of Whispers (The CIA Head) and the King’s Hand (A Glorified Prime Minister). The election continues as the lords and ladies duke it out.