By Anusha Goyal

JCC Britain and JCC USA have been at each other throats this weekend. We have seen everything thing from defaulting to organized killings. However, by the 2nd day the American cabinet had already formally declared war on the British and this war could be won anytime by either power. The roots of all this chaos were the Americans supporting Napoleon in his endeavours and the Americans punching into British territories in North America. On the other hand, Britain’s abuse of its own power was aggravating the US and imposed on America’s neutral rights.

The beginnings of this committee entailed many diplomatic efforts by the USA in response to the British Naval presence in the Atlantic Ocean, this was an attempt by the British to create a blockade for merchant ships trading with France and other European entities. Thus, began the major naval back-and-forth between the 2 countries. The USA pushing for social directives that focused on increasing motivation to join the army or the navy within the public. Moreover, British spies had emerged in the USA causing tension within the cabinet.

On the other hand, the British were experiencing more success as their investment schemes were proving to be lucrative and they managed to kill 2 American tradesmen utilising their resources sensibly. The British were also focused on ensuring they still had power in their Canadian territories by incentivising the workforce with higher wages, this occurred over the passing of two directives. Soon the formal declaration of war directive passed in the JCC USA committee and swiftly federalists began protesting against the war. Though there was some concern by the federalist politicians, the protests seemed to be less important to the committee than military action in the now progressing war.

There was more interest in methods that the USA needs to employ to encourage citizens to enter the army, especially since Florida was now under Spanish rule. Simultaneously, an Opium addiction has broken out in London because a member of the committee had been smuggling it in for a personal objective. This reopened the tensions between the Catholics and Protestant politicians. In addition, the British had conducted a successful attack on New Orleans, which rendered the port destroyed and undefended from more British infiltration. The British planned to use this as a distraction from the North so they can further their presence in the North East of the USA.

Following these developments, the war only got more intense with a leader of a Native American tribe offered to provide the US committee with 100 troops in exchange for cultural and social independence. They did this whilst ignoring Britain’s offer to provide the Native American’s with their own sovereign state. The committee was in heavy debate as to the legitimacy of the Native American’s offer when the President was taken and experienced an attack during which he lost a few fingers. This sent the committee into frenzy.

The British have had the upper hand for a while and recently they had successfully executed the Head of US Navy. On a winning streak, the committee are making plans to drive the American army into Canada from Philadelphia because in Canada the British have a good chance of defeating the Americans. On top of this, the Governor of New York flees to the British looking for help. He offers the committee his resources, knowledge of American strategy and aid in exchange for rule over New York “When Britain wins the war”.

The Governor urged the committee to make a hasty decision as his life was in danger in the US as several efforts to assassinate him had already been made. Through an emergency vote the British accepted the politician. The outcome of this war looks promising for the British but the tables can easy turn anytime.