By Keiyoko Bennett

The International Telecommunication Union developed a plethora of strategies to integrate great technological advances and human needs in order to create a better world for all. The debates began with how delegates can use AI and Communication systems together to create more effective ways to aid nations during a disaster. The committee also debated other issues that were crucial to integrating people and technology so that no one is diadvantaged.

Other issues that were addressed during the committee were how the economics were going to function under these new plans that are recommended that nations abide by.  One of the hotly debated topics was how to prevent brain drain from nations that were poorer but had intelligent individuals that have the capability to add to the transforming economy. Efforts were being put forth to encourage individuals to stay and advance their societies to be able to catch up to the already technologically advanced world.  The Resolution AIDE in AI that was passed in a session of the committee, recommends the proper solution to this problem.

The resolution seeks to develop AI systems that are easily accessible interface and operating system.The next major issue that delegates finessed was how to get more women in the tech workforce, keeping them there, and aiding them. The Resolutions that the committee was able to debate and are in the process of passing combatted these issues. Recommendations that women have access to affordable health care and paid maternity leave were among the standards that should not be overlooked by any high tech employer.