By Stacey Scolinos

The Second United Front was engaged in talks today regarding an intelligence upgrade for the committee. Liu Bocheng, of the Communist Party of China (CCP) was adamant in his stance for such a program, saying “...we need to be able to better defend China and make sure our civilians are protected.”

Wang Jingwei of the Kuomintang (KMT) echoed Mr. Bocheng’s sentiments, pointing out that Manchuria is almost entirely under the control of Japanese forces. Besides this he supported the program for its potential to make sure civilians were properly protected. Others present at the talks of the Second United Front proposed alternatives, saying that perhaps others would consider the need for an intelligence network rather than an intelligence agency, one that would be more extensive and include intelligence officers from both the CCP and KMT. Vice President Li Zongren, nodding in favor of increased intelligence programs and capabilities also states that: “We lost Manchuria, and now if we collaborate on this intelligence program, we can help win the war.

Following recent attacks on China as well as the IED’s stolen from Nie Rongzhen to carry out these attacks on civilians, many are certain that the Second United Front will take the  necessary steps to develop mutual intelligence programs. The Front has not yet commented on either the intelligence program, or the attacks.