A video from a secret organization known as Ambiguous has surfaced, cause for much debate in the NY Fed committee.

The person in the video is wearing a mask and uses a voice disguiser, but his message is clear: the American people will no longer stand for the injustices committed by big banks.

Ambiguous has explained that the current system has failed the public in favor of the wealthy. Those who run banks are simply “puppeteers” of a few moguls who will stop at nothing to maintain their assets.

In fact, the video suggests that the government has financed terrorist organizations for their own personal gain. And specific PACs and politicians have conspired to funnel millions of dollars into “bad presidential candidates.” As a result, the safety of the American people is in jeopardy.

The group is offering to be a “new voice,” stepping in to take down the greedy and manipulative rich party. They invite any Americans with similar views to join them. The speaker also mentions the current meeting being held in the NY Fed to deal with the recent economic crisis.

This video has quickly become viral, receiving over 500,000 views. As a result, protesters have taken to the streets, even rioting outside the office of the NY Fed. This news is sure to affect the state of the economy even more, and will surely come into play in the current election season.

It is clear that today’s financial system will no longer work for the majority. In short, the NY Fed has a lot to discuss.