The invocation of Article 50 brings many dire consequences. These include but are not limited to economic, social and political ramifications. Namely, the continuation of National Health Service (NHS) is at stake.

The NHS functions as a pathway to gain free medical services where they are not easily available to UK residents. These services include health check ups, free emergency services and free admission to hospitals. All of this is made possible by doctors who are employed by the NHS, 42% of whom are immigrants. As a result their residency and eligibility to work is in jeopardy. Moreover the UK does not have the funds to train and replace these doctors, so as a result the NHS is at risk of falling apart. These services are vital to a functioning society and treats Health care as a basic human right and not a privilege.

This committee must come together to come up with a solution that does not treat human lives as mere collateral damage and to keep in mind that human lives are at stake.