As the second day of LAMUN comes to a close, both the Peruvian and Chilean sides of the JCC were heating up.

The Chilean committee is at work making plans to attack the Peruvian territory of La Paz as the 2 committees enter battle mode. According to several delegates, Chile is highly confident in their ability to defeat the Peruvian side.

Although their specific plans were kept under wraps to preserve their advantage of surprise, their plan was described as “a Chilean hat trick” by the Vice Admiral of the Chilean Navy, Juan Jose Laforre. He goes on to say that they will challenge the Peruvian La Paz in a manner they have never seen before. Laforre concludes with a message from the Chilean committee, “My old friends, you have been duped.”

In the meantime, the Peruvian committee split their efforts between two plans--one for a potential attack on Chile, and another to protect their La Paz territory. Certain voices such as the Chancellor of Bolivia were against the idea of an attack, voicing major concerns for La Paz, while the Minister of the Interior of Peru was fully for it. Regardless, delegates also came up with creative techniques for defense and attack, such as using their territory to their own advantage.

Additionally, an anonymous source from one of the sides has informed us of a potential defection of a Naval Commander to the other side and his intent to take his whole naval fleet with him.