This morning, it was announced that Kanye West, newly hired rap artist signed by Capitol Records, has been involved in a number of scandalous sex activities.

There are reports that West has been involved in 32 late-night motel sex extravaganzas in the past two months. Both women and men, in all types of clothing (including none!) have been spotted exiting his rooms. Several people have come forward as participants of these nights, admitting that some of these motel evenings are “kinky,” “grimy,” and “involving up to 8 people.”

This comes just after the recent death of Eazy-E, another rap artist who suffered from AIDS. The hip-hop community has been under fire for its promotion of lewd sexual activity in lyrics, the primary concern of the protests by Mothers Against Rap. Sales are already starting to decline in light of this news.

Psychiatrists have viewed this sex binge as evidence of a sex addiction, in addition to a symptom of extreme narcissism, which could be damaging to West’s emerging image. We have yet to hear an official comment from West’s family or Capitol Records, but confidants who know him are hurt and outraged.

More on this story as it develops.