By Samantha Wolf

It’s no secret that the Church of Scientology has been under intense investigation since its foundation. Built on the premise of a “Supreme Being” that promotes self-knowledge and fulfillment, Scientology boasts to be the religion to end all religions. But although it claims to be the “study of truth,” these beliefs have clearly negative and contradictory effects.

The ultimate goal of Scientology is true spiritual enlightenment for all, a base claim for any of the world’s major religions. But what makes this cult-like organization stand apart is its supposed support from mathematics, nuclear physics, and other forms of science. They have a ruthless way of fudging the facts to fit their beliefs, in turn preaching nonsense to believers.

Any believer has essentially sold their soul to the “Great Leader,” the founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard. His picture is seen looming in nearly every room, a symbol of the watchful eyes and strict codes under a pretense of acceptance. I mean, the guy was a science-fiction writer. How do they not see that they are living in a dystopian fantasy?

Under the premise of a clean, modern and friendly organization, Scientologists boast omnipotence against the clear facts of the universe. This “spiritual college” promotes studying of their religion and its founding, essentially a modern-day form of brainwashing. It is from this educational basis that members are let loose onto the world, interpreting real-world issues as solvable by their nonsense.

The recent media has tried hard to expose acts of bribery within this (dare I say) cult, against the futile attempts of their press. Specifically, US government officials have been known to receive offers from members, complicating the relations between “us” and “them.”

Not only does Scientology affect its members, but their recruitment tactics are detrimental to the young generation. Recently, leaders have taken to opening the homeless and orphanages to teach underprivileged children about the religion. Other than teaching ludicrous beliefs to delude these vulnerable kids, there is word of abuses within these institutions.

Above all, the biggest and most terrifying aspect of this religion is their supposed intention to teach communication skills and how to get along with others - because they lead the most vicious attacks of any organization in history against their critics. The handbook of Scientology clearly permits spreading “fake news” at any costs necessary to turn the tables on their adversaries. And with a following as dedicated as theirs, it can be hard to get people to see the truth. This will only continue to further the divide between rational beings and Scientologists until we can find a way to stop this monstrous cult.

Scientologists claim they are helping people understand themselves and others. But in the end, can anyone understand the reasoning behind this violation of basic human rights and morality?