By Sanah Mehta

The EEA was in the midst of a moderated caucus when observed and the topic of discussion was ‘transportation.’ Transportation does play a very important part in contributing to the damages caused by food waste, in the form of increasing concentrations of carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide in the environment. Poland suggested the use of electric vehicles that do not lead to pollution, as Germany and France seconded this point, to combat the effects of global warming. France also offered more information on how companies like TESLA and Mercedes are developing automatic self-driving big rigs to transport food materials.

Spain was concerned with having an efficient source of transportation of food from the production place to the final customers. They believed in cooperation between the food sector and transportation companies to keep the food fresh and increase its shelf life. Portugal raised concerns about the source of payment for these vehicles : Government, NGOs or the public?

The debate moved on to the increasing need for food in 3rd world and developing countries. Denmark suggested that agricultural scientists should head to these countries to teach them better methods of food production, while Portugal suggested shipping excess food to them. He added, “We believe in change, whether it be sudden and radical or slow and steady,” as the debate got suspended for lunch on Day 1.