Published by Samantha Wolf

What’s a MUN conference without some candy breaks?

Each year, BruinMUN sells “candy grams” to raise money for charity. They cost $3 each, and consist typically of three pieces of candy.

Who can you send candy grams to? Think of your friends, an ally, or a cute delegate that you’ve been dying to talk to but your unmoderated caucus motions keep failing. You can send candy grams to any delegate in BruinMUN, not just in your committee. Just make sure you have the country name and committee title of the delegate you would like to send it to.

This year, our charity for candy grams is the Ronald McDonald house charity. It can be difficult for families when their children must receive specialized hospital treatments far from home. To accommodate, RMHC offers several services to family members, among them housing, care mobiles, and family rooms. RMHC programs can be found in more than 63 countries worldwide, with specialized programs to fit each community. They even offer grants to nonprofit organizations and scholarships to students.

If you would like to purchase one, talk to your committee chairs or stop by the BruinMUN merch table in the Humanities building, level A at the end of the hall.

Don’t be shy - it’s always a good time for a candy caucus.