Published by the wonderful Samantha Wolf

It’s the most MUNderful time of the year! To help you prepare, we’ve got a list of the best MUN puns for every occasion. Committee got you down? Spot a cute delegate? Say what you really mean with these Hungary-ous puns.

When your country is low on the speakers list

When someone tries to divide the question on your draft resolution

When someone has been talking way too long


When you combine your resolution with 3 others and it still doesn’t pass

When someone tries to change the topic before you’ve passed a resolution

When someone tries to move to a vote after 10 minutes of debate

When you want to send a note to a cute delegate

When countries are being too pessimistic

When someone partners with you on a resolution

When North Korea is being ridiculous

When someone tries to declare war

When someone is mad because they don’t get chosen to present the draft resolution

And of course...

When MUN is the highlight of your year

Friendly amendments:

When a resolution has flaws

When someone limits the speaking time to 30 seconds

When someone tries to meet up with you at the social

Have a great time at BruinMUN this weekend, delegates! We look forward to seeing you soon.