Since BruinMUN is a gathering of the elite intellectuals that currently concern themselves with international affairs, the International Press thinks it is only fair to share some of our favorite quotations from the conference with our delegates. Enjoy!

“Stalin is afraid!” -Delegate of Uruguay, League of Nations

“We want to find a solution peacefully but if we get hit we will hit back harder” -United States Delegate, Security Council

“Did you know that since the start of the speech $500,00 has been spent? That could have been from my bank account. You might want to check your bank account too” -Canadian Delegate, 1st DISEC

“What is Brazil’s position?” -Delegate of Brazil, League of Nations
“We’ll go outside and talk.” -Crisis Staffer
“Oh God.” -Delegate of Brazil, League of Nations

“What’s going on in India? …. That’s the question. I know I’m having an off day.”  Director of Home Affairs, Historical Crisis

“This situation is almost like a unicorn!” -Delegate of Sweden, League of Nation