List of Committees by Delegation Size

More information on the chairs and topics of each committee will be posted soon.

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General Assembly and Specialized Bodies Committees

Dual Delegate

  • GA Plenary


  • 6th Legal Committee


  • WHO


  • Economic and Financial Committee

  • UNDP

Single Delegate

  • UN Peacebuilding Commission

  • NATO


  • UN Framework Convention on Climate Change


Crisis Committees

Single Delegate

  • The Belfast Brigade: Fight for Irish Independence

  • Alexander the Great: Lord of Asia

  • 2nd Continental Congress (Novice)

  • Meiji Restoration (Novice)

Dual Delegate

  • CDC 2017

  • Historic UNSC: 1992

Novice Committees

Dual Delegate

  • Novice UNHCR

  • Novice WHO

  • Novice UNCSW

  • Novice UNESCO

  • Novice SOCHUM

  • Novice UNEP

  • Novice UNICEF

Single Delegate

  • Novice DISEC