World Health Organization


World Health Organization


Chair: Denisa Tudorache 


Topic A:  Mental Health of Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons

Topic B: Women’s Reproductive Health in Africa 

Committee Type: Dual Delegation

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Letter from the Chair

Dear Delegates,

My name is Denisa Tudorache and I will be serving as the Chair of the World Health Organization (WHO). I am a second year here at UCLA majoring in Psychobiology with a minor in Global Studies and am hoping to pursue a career in the Global Medical field, working as a doctor internationally.

I first became involved in Model United Nations my freshman year of high school and continued to be an active member all four years. Motivated by a desire to improve my public speaking abilities and increase my awareness of international issues, I can honestly say joining the program was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Joining MUN at UCLA last year, therefore, seemed like the right move. My senior year, I was a senior teacher for my high school’s program and had the chance to train an entire freshman class to become successful. To honor my high school MUN experiences, I strive to make the experience an educational and inviting one, while encouraging the competitive nature of an advanced committee.

The World Health Organization is a UN agency committed to increase the availability and quality of public health internationally. At this conference, you will tackle issues that the global community has never truly prioritized despite their high level of impact. Every nation, despite its level of poverty or power, has significant room for improvement of their contributions to global public health.You will have the chance to approach these issues with a fresh perspective, and I look forward to seeing the solutions each of you bring forth. I challenge you to put humanity first and politics second. This means utilizing your country policies to raise the standards to which mental and reproductive health are held up to. For many individuals around the world, these issues are cast aside and not seen as a top priority. It is your duty to change this mentality through the passing of well thought out and on-policy resolutions.

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” – World Health Organization, 1948

Welcome to WHO.

Denisa Tudorache | Chair