Novice UN International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF)

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Novice UN International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF)


Chair: Navi Sidhu


Topic A: Technology and Wellbeing: Deploying Initivates at the Intersection of Technology and Children’s Wellbeing

Topic A: Addressing the Health of Children through Nutrition

Committee Type: Dual Delegate

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Letter from your Chair

Dear Delegates,

My name is Navi Sidhu and I will be serving as your chair for the Novice United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF). I’m a fourth year at UCLA, studying Psycho-biology and Public Health and I hope to combine my academic background and work experience in order to pursue business-health consulting.

My MUN journey started here at UCLA not too long ago. My roommate, now the President of MUN at UCLA, dragged me along to try-outs for the UCLA travel team. As I sat quietly in a corner, I was amazed and astounded with the certainty and power with which my peers spoke, the intelligence of the ideas proposed, and the fun-spirited banter of debate - I was hooked. Over that year, I became part of UCLA MUN’s nationally ranked travel team and I staffed BruinMUN as well as our college conference, LAMUN. Throughout conference, I hope to see the same intelligence and spirit in your speeches and debate as I did when I first joined MUN.

My desire to pursue consulting arises out of my passion for solving problems. In this committee you will do just that and apply your problem solving skills to a worthwhile cause: empowering, educating, and protecting children around the world. This committee will require you to develop novel solutions to both chronic and emerging problems that affect the lives of children worldwide, whether it be problems that pertain to lack of access to education or issues such as child abuse. Throughout conference, we’ll discuss the role of technology in developing programs that have a global reach; we will also delve into the importance of nutrition for children in order to maintain health. As delegates in this committee, I encourage you to draw inspiration from your daily lives to develop meaningful initiatives and programs, while remembering to propel the best interests of children around the globe.

Welcome to UNICEF!


Navi Sidhu | Chair