The Belfast Brigade: Fight for Irish Independence


The Belfast Brigade: Fight for Irish Independence


Chair: Christen Capobianco

Crisis Director: Ishaan Kapoor


Committee Type: Single Delegate

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Letter from your Chair

Dear Delegates,

My name is Christen Capobianco and I will be serving as the chair of The Belfast Brigade: Fight for Irish Independence. I am a junior here at UCLA double majoring in Economics and International Development Studies (IDS). I am hoping to pursue a career that encompasses global business development and finance.

My Model United Nations career started freshman year in high school when I enrolled myself in the MUN program with absolutely no clue what the program even was. I still remember the very first time I spoke in front of my class. I was absolutely horrified. I could barely read the words on my paper because my hands were shaking so hard. I cried in front of my whole class. Fast forward 6 years, and this will be my seventh year doing MUN and third year doing MUN at UCLA. Not only has MUN allowed me to conquer my fear of public speaking, but it has opened my eyes to global issues I have never even heard of until I joined the program. I could not be more thrilled to be your chair and see the amazing debate, cooperation, and ideas that will take place in the committee.

The Belfast Brigade: Fight for Independence is a crisis committee that will simulate a committee of influential and important members during the period of 1919-1921 when the Irish Republican Army waged a guerilla war against British rule and established an Irish Republic. As you simulate the committee this weekend, keep in mind that many errors and mistakes were made. You will have the opportunity to engage and possibly change or alter events that occurred. It is ultimately up to you and your fellow delegates to determine the outcome and fate of the committee.

Christen Capobianco | Chair


Letter From your Crisis Director

Dear Delegates,

My name is Ishaan Kapoor and I’m absolutely delighted to serve as your crisis director for

The Belfast Brigade: Fight for Irish Independence, at BruinMUN 2019! A little about me, I am a current junior at UCLA, and am a Math major. I’m passionate about music, art, and soccer outside my academic interests. I’m a serial napper and can often be found asleep on a chair.

My MUN journey started quite similar to yours, in high school, and I debated passionately in oversized suits and scuffed shoes, about topics I would continue to be passionate about till this day. It’s always been a passion of mine to be able to debate and research topics that people don’t talk about, and spend countless hours in preparation for the wide array of topics MUN affords you to explore. I brought this heat into college, joining MUN at UCLA on the first day of my freshman year and haven’t looked back since, currently I serve on the executive board of this club as well.

The topic we’re going to engage in over this weekend is complex and political. The themes we tackle, of sovereignty, cultural identity and statehood, all represent themes that are not only relevant in the time we simulate committee but also in the modern era. Whether it be Brexit, the failed Irish referendum, or the Catalan attempt at secession, we see history repeat itself in different ways. Therefore I expect detailed crisis arcs that take all this into account, noting not only the Irish-British conflict we are outlining, but also recognizing the vast array of global politics that ties into the committee. Lastly I hope to see fruitful debate and detailed arcs that are both interesting and creative.

Excited to see you all in committee!


Ishaan Kapoor | Crisis Director