Position Paper Guidelines

Disclaimer: Position papers are only required for General Assembly and Novice committees. They are NOT required for any crisis committees (The Novice 2nd Continental Congress and Novice Meiji Restoration committees are crisis committees and as such do not need position papers).

Submission Details:


Position Papers are due at 11:59 p.m. on Friday, November 8th (in the event of an emergency of extenuating circumstances, please email your chair to request an extension of the deadline).

Submit the background guide as a PDF in an email to your chair (not your USG) with the subject line:
“(Committee Name) (Country Name) Background Guide”

Chair emails can be found at the bottom of their respective committee pages.


For details on proper formatting and what is expected in a position paper, please refer to “Position Paper Guidelines”

BruinMUN 2019 Position Paper Guidelines

Exit this box to read our disclaimer on who needs to write a position paper and how to turn in position papers to committee chairs.

Document Specifications:

12 point font, Times New Roman 1” margins Double Spaced 1-2 pages per topic (4 pages is the maximum per topic)


Double-space and bold the header as follows:
Topic: Insert Topic
Country: Insert Country
Committee: Insert Committee


Organize into the following sections:

  1. Background - Provides a brief background on the topic being discussed.
  2. U.N. Involvement/Past Organization Involvement - Describe the previous actions taken by the United Nations or, if the committee you are participating in is not a U.N. body, the previous actions of that non-U.N. organization to address the committee topic.
  3. Country/Character Policy and Proposed Solutions - Provide an overview of your country or character’s stance on the topic being discussed. Include potential solutions that you wish to present in committee. This should be your longest section.

Works Cited:

Must begin on a new page
Does not contribute toward the 4 page maximum length per topic
Cite all sources that contributed to the content in the position paper (failure to cite sources is plagiarism and the delegation will not be eligible for a research award)

For an example of a position paper, please refer to “Position Paper Examples”