The Press Corps of LAMUN XVI

Welcome to the page of the Press Corps of LAMUN XVI. Our operations are aimed towards realistically representing the experience of media attention for Model UN delegates. As a committed body of individuals, we as the International Press aspire to deliver globally relevant information with freedom of interpretation and utmost reliability. Our goal is to synthesize our reports with a retelling of history and the effects of any disruptive action by the expectedly historically relevant committee.

Apart from written journalism, we also engage the delegates in Press Conferences to seek their opinions on legislature they have passed in committee, and also conduct interviews to ascertain the individual views of committees members. In this way, we hope to show the consequences of all significant resolutions and policies enacted by delegates in Model UN committees, and to also advance our own perspective on the various successes and failures of these policies.

In the LAMUN Press Corps, delegates will be simulating an international newsroom. Taking on the role of various news outlets, delegates will act as journalists, visiting other committees and publishing conference updates to a press blog maintained by the dais. Delegates are expected to keep journalistic integrity while adhering to the style of their organization, in addition to holding other delegates accountable for their positions in other LAMUN committees.

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