Model UN at UCLA is one of the few programs of its kind that not only hosts an annual high school (BruinMUN) and college conference (LAMUN), but also fields a competitive travel team. Throughout the year, delegates from MUN at UCLA train and travel to compete at conferences at other national and international universities.

Our Director of Travel Team (and Head Delegate) is Justin Schmerler. He can be reached at

2018-2019 Travel Team Destinations:

CMUNNY, Sept 27 - Sept 30, 2018

Head Delegates: Malvika Varma, Justin Schmerler, Elaine Miao

Team: Mitansh Shah, Aishwarya Natarajan, Adarsh Balaji, Ilana Golub, Zain Khalifeh, Dan Zhukov



Dan Zhukov - Best Delegate - Robot Revolution

Malvika Varma - Outstanding Delegate - Fight For The Vietnamese Throne: The Tran-Ly Struggle, 1225

Justin Schmerler - Outstanding Delegate - New York City Hall

Adarsh Balaji - Honorable Mention - JCC: When Christ and His Saints Slept

Aishwarya Natarajan - Honorable Mention - Extraordinary Meeting of Brazilian Leadership

Elaine Miao - Verbal Commendation - Mai ‘68: Les Accords De Grenelle

TrojanMUN, Oct 18 - Oct 21, 2018

Head Delegates: Malvika Varma, Justin Schmerler, Elaine Miao

Team: Aishwarya Natarajan, Dan Zhukov, Campbell Martin, Danielle Rommerdahl, Ishaan Kapoor, Rachel DuRose, Lena Nguyen, Alex Guziak, Olivia Draper, Joel Szakmeister, Rachel Lee, Asim Khan, Sheel Shah, Anirudh Keni, Aditya Agarwal, Yash Deshmukh, Prannoiy Chandran



Dan Zhukov - Best Delegate, Musk Enterprises 2024
Elaine Miao - Best Delegate, Our New World
Justin Schmerler - Best Delegate, Ad Hoc
Malvika Varma - Best Delegate, JCC: Indian Rebellion 1875
Rachel Lee - Best Delegate, UNSPC
Ishaan Kapoor - Outstanding Delegate, SOCHUM
Joel Szakmeister - Outstanding Delegate, JCC: Indian Rebellion 1875
Rachel DuRose - Outstanding Delegate, UNSPC
Aditya Agarwal - Honorable Mention, JCC: British East India Co. 1875
Aishwarya Natarajan - Honorable Mention, Péron's Cabinet
Danielle Rommerdahl - Honorable Mention, IAEA
Lena Nguyen and Sheel Shah - Honorable Mention, UNSC
Olivia Draper - Honorable Mention, SOCHUM
Campbell Martin - Verbal Commendation, IAEA