Position Descriptions

Candidates can only be selected for one of the 10 Executive Board positions, OR one of the 4 BruinMUN USG positions OR one of the 2 LAMUN USG positions.

Chief of Staff

  1. Responsibilities:

    1. Organizes and runs regularly scheduled General Membership meetings

    2. Send out bi-weekly emails to update general membership on events

    3. Manages the general membership ListServ

    4. Works with the director of training to maintain staff retention for conferences

    5. Organizes a quarterly Alumni Panel to link alumni to current membership

    6. Uses Executive Staff to:

      1. Create instructional videos

      2. Organize speakers

      3. Organize events with UNF

      4. Find conferences for general membership to staff

      5. Make weekly meeting minutes available online

    7. Serves as chief liaison between the Executive Board and general membership

    8. Coordinates with the Director of Internal Relations and Director of Marketing on membership recruitment and retention efforts

    9. Keeps records of membership and assists Executive Board on identifying members

    10. Under the guidance of the President, coordinates the programming of club activities and campus events, including but not limited to guest speakers, internal mock sessions (working alongside the Training Director), and weekly Topic Presentations by members

    11. Assists in all MUN at UCLA activities & other duties as assigned

  2. Requirements:

    1. One year Executive Board experience preferred

    2. Programming experience or ideas desirable

    3. Must not have time conflicts with General Membership meetings

Director of Finance

  1. Responsibilities:

    1. Liaison between MUN at UCLA, Center for Student Programming Advisor/Activities Advisor, and ASUCLA Event Management

    2. Registers MUN with CSP during the annual fall quarter meeting

    3. With the help of the President, coordinates budget and budget proposals for organization and prepares bi-quarterly budget reports

    4. Maintains records of all financial transactions and expenses

    5. Updates Executive Board on all budget & expenses of the organization with an emphasis on confidentiality

    6. Researches and applies to a variety of funding sources

    7. Spearheads all fundraising programs and assists with any other fundraisers initiated by other functions in the organization (e.g. Travel Team fundraiser)

    8. Manages the physical MUN at UCLA mailbox in Kerckhoff Hall

    9. Assists in all MUN at UCLA activities & other duties as assigned

    10. The Director of Finances is one of three official Club Signatories

  2. Requirements:

    1. One year Executive Board experience preferred

    2. Fundraising experience and/or ideas are highly desirable

    3. Accounting/math background is preferred

    4. Highly trustworthy and reliable

Director of Travel Team

  1. Responsibilities:

    1. Coordinates all trips to college conferences and helps with marketing and external relations for the College Conference

    2. Must be willing and able to attend all of the travel conferences

    3. Acts as Head Delegate at travel conferences along with Director of Training & President

    4. Leader of the travel team while traveling, second in authority only to the President while traveling

    5. Along with the Director of Finance, responsible for applying for travel grants

    6. Communicates and coordinates with officials at conferences that the team will attend

    7. Books transportation and accommodations for travel team with particular attention to financial stewardship

    8. Provides training, leadership, and any assistance necessary to UCLA travel team participants

    9. Responsible for researching new conferences to attend

    10. Takes a high level role in networking within the college MUN circuit

    11. Assists in all MUN at UCLA activities & other duties as assigned

  2. Requirements:

    1. Must have traveled with the MUN at UCLA or have Executive Board experience

    2. General travel experience strongly recommended

    3. Strong delegate skills strongly recommended

    4. Summer availability required as deadlines for college conference occur year round, but proximity to UCLA not required

Director of Technology

  1. Responsibilities:

    1. Works to maintain and improve the MUN at UCLA website with attention to accessibility, ease of use, and visual design

    2. Works alongside the Director of Marketing to manage social media

    3. Uploads and manages all electronic conference materials including topic synopses and meeting minutes

    4. Maintains club email address and calendars including committee accounts for conferences

    5. Manages all other technological aspects of MUN at UCLA including all digital media and the Google apps account

    6. Assists in all MUN at UCLA activities & other duties as assigned

  2. Requirements:

    1. Webpage design and management skills preferred

    2. Familiarity with Google (Apps for Business & Analytics), Squarespace and Mailchimp interfaces highly recommended

    3. Knowledge of a programming language is not necessary

Director of Internal Relations

  1. Responsibilities:

    1. Coordinates all social events, at least four per quarter

    2. Works to foster cohesion among club members

    3. Organizes the delegate socials for the high school and college conferences

    4. Provides energy and pep to not only E-board, but the club as a whole

    5. Takes pictures and keeps historical records for MUN

    6. Organizes the End of the Year Senior Banquet and Senior Gifts

    7. Manages relations with venues and spearheads the creation and execution of event contingency protocols

    8. Assists in all MUN at UCLA activities & other duties as assigned

  2. Requirements:

    1. Preferably 21+ with access to a car

    2. Interpersonal skills are essential

Director of External Relations

  1. Responsibilities:

    1. Serves as the main line of communication between all external entities and MUN at UCLA, including high school advisors and collegiate head delegates

    2. Maintains database of all correspondence with MUN school groups and advisors, as well as other MUN organizations (i.e. Best Delegate)

    3. Works with the Director of Finance to ensure that payments and transactions are handled smoothly

    4. Spearheads conference registration and committee assignments

    5. Handles recruitment of schools to attend the conference

    6. Along with the Director of Marketing, works with hotels and businesses to arrange for deals and sponsorship for the High School and College Conferences

    7. Collaborates with the Secretaries-General for arranging keynote speakers for BruinMUN and LAMUN, and with the Chief of Staff for general meetings

    8. Assists in all MUN at UCLA activities & other duties as assigned

  2. Requirements:

    1. Experience with BruinMUN and LAMUN highly preferred

    2. Awareness of high school and college MUN environments

    3. Must be fully available to complete responsibilities over summer but proximity to UCLA not required

Director of Marketing

  1. Responsibilities:

    1. Spearheads all recruiting including, but not limited to: Summer Orientation, Enormous Activities Fair, Bruin Day, flyering, classroom announcements, chalking, and managing all other static advertising

    2. Works alongside the Director of Technology to manage social media

    3. Creates recruiting materials

    4. Designs (or hires a designer to design) logos, t-shirts, items for sale at conference

    5. Manages recruiting materials

    6. Advertises our club in Daily Bruin and at other MUN events including

      1. Flyering

      2. Managing the MUN sandwich board on Bruinwalk

      3. Distributing merchandise for advertising

    7. Solicits advertisements for our conference programs from other schools, MUN clubs, and Westwood businesses

  2. Requirements:

    1. Availability over the summer in the UCLA area

    2. Design and artistic skills are a plus

Director of Training

  1. Responsibilities:

    1. Assists the Secretaries-General in organizing and executing training for both major conferences

    2. Helps maintain staff retention for both major conferences

    3. Trains dais members and crisis staffers and develops them into committee leaders

    4. Helps read and edit topic synopses for conferences (for content, style and grammar)

    5. Acts as a head delegate for Travel Team alongside the Director of Travel Team & President

    6. Trains Travel Team members for committees with help of the Director of Travel Team

    7. Researches variations in procedural rules for each travel conference

    8. Assists in all MUN at UCLA activities & other duties as assigned

  2. Requirements:

    1. Experience as a delegate and dais member

    2. Thorough understanding of Model UN rules of procedure

    3. Excellent communication skills

    4. Additional weekly time commitment to run training sessions

Director of Logistics

  1. Responsibilities:

    1. In charge of the preparation of all conference materials, including conference program, placards, credentials, committee supply boxes, delegate folders and more

    2. Directs all conference logistics

    3. Coordinates and manages the hospitality/advisor room at BruinMUN

    4. Coordinates ALL facilities and equipment for general meetings, High School Conference, College Conference, Travel Team meetings and internal club functions (e.g. room reservations, audio-visual equipment, parking, etc.)

    5. Maintains and organizes the effective use of the MUN office

    6. Handles all awards (i.e. Delegation awards, gavels, certificates)

    7. Assists in all MUN at UCLA activities & other duties assigned

    8. The Director of Logistics if one of three official Club Signatories

  2. Requirements:

    1. Some conference management experience prefered

    2. Familiarity with Microsoft Excel preferred

    3. Design and photoshop experience preferred

    4. Exceptional organizational skills

Director of Publications

  1. Responsibilities

    1. Acts as the Head of the International Press Corps (IPC) during BruinMUN and LAMUN

      1. Cover the conference both photographically and videographically, taking requests for coverage as and when needed

      2. Conduct Press Conferences in all committees upon specific request and at the discretion of the Chair and Crisis Director of the committee in question

    2. Acts as the chief liaison for the dissemination of all types of media, like written articles, photography, videography, social media, etc.

    3. Acts as scribe during Executive Board Meetings and takes meeting minutes

    4. Is responsible for the maintenance of the International Press section of the official MUN at UCLA website

    5. Has joint administrator privileges of any and all official Facebook pages of MUN and UCLA, along with the Director of Marketing

    6. Responsible for running training for all IP members for both BruinMUN and LAMUN

  2. Requirements

    1. Prior journalism experience recommended (as a reporter, editor or photographer) or experience as part of a Press Corps at a MUN conference highly recommended.

Bruin Model United Nations Under-Secretary General

  1. Responsibilities:

    1. Plan, develop, and execute committees at BruinMUN.

    2. Monitor the progress of the Chairs and other staff members in their preparations for the conference.

    3. Review and edit the background guides for the committees they are responsible for.

    4. Partake in the training of staff alongside the Director of Training with and outside of general trainings.

    5. Execute any duties required by the Secretariat before and during the conference

  2. Requirements

    1. Prior MUN experience is highly preferred

    2. Prior experience staffing BruinMUN in any role (dais, logistics, or crisis)

    3. Availability over the summer and/or accessibility to email and phone

    4. Strong managerial skills, time management, and interpersonal skills

Los Angeles Model United Nations Under-Secretary General

  1. Responsibilities:

    1. Pre-conference the USGs will help select, develop, and maintain committees, with one USG being responsible for crisis committees, and the other for GA/Specialized Bodies, including:

      1. Enforcing Background Guide deadlines,

      2. Meeting with the staff to discuss progress of committees,

      3. During conference USGs will assist the SG with feedback and maintaining order.

    2. Helps the Director of Training and LAMUN SG plan LAMUN training sessions.

    3. Acts as the initial point of reference for committee staffs’ questions/concerns

    4. Helps the SG in any capacity that may unexpectedly arise.

  2. Requirements:

    1. Strong time management skills

    2. Interpersonal organizational skills

    3. Previous MUN experience is highly recommended

    4. Must have staffed LAMUN at least once

    5. Available/accessible by phone or email over winter break