Novice UNCSW


Novice UNCSW


Chair: Aileen Nguyen


USG: Prannoiy Chandran



Topic A:  Assessing and Addressing the Effects of Poverty on Women in Developing Nations

Topic B:  Improving the Conditions of Women in Prison

Committee Type: Dual Delegation

Dear Delegates,

Welcome to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women at BruinMUN 2017! My name is Aileen Nguyen and I am honored to serve as your chair during this committee. I look forward to meeting all soon as well as hearing your debate to some very interesting and important topics. To introduce myself a bit, I am a second-year UCLA student pursuing a degree in Microbiology, immunology, and Molecular Genetics (MIMG) and Global Studies. I grew up in Orange County and my involvements with MUN at UCLA have been staffing both of our conferences the past year. I have been doing MUN since my junior year of high school. My Model United Nations involvement actually started with BruinMUN 2014 and I’m so happy it has come full circle to me chairing at this conference.

I am very excited to be chairing this committee and can’t wait to see the debate that is in store for the future. MUN has had such a great impact on me as it has allowed me to gain my confidence in public speaking, as well as making me more aware of the world I live in. It has allowed me to open my eyes to problems that I didn’t know existed at all. It has let me realize that problems, no matter how far away, have an impact on everyone. Our world is so interconnected, that it is only natural for all of our problems to affect one another. This is why it is so imperative we talk about these problems, as well as find ways to solve them.

I am especially excited for this committee as it is a committee that is often overlooked when talking about the United Nations yet is nevertheless, extremely important. The issues that this body discusses are relevant to all countries across the globe, both developed and developing.

These issues are affecting women across the world and one thing to remember that even though they are problems that women face, they are not just “problems for women.” These are problems that affect all of us, whether it be directly or indirectly. As you prepare for committee, I encourage you to add a new perspective to the problems we will be talking about. While it may be easier to just reiterate what has been said before, it will be much more enjoyable and worthwhile for you to take these problems to heart, and really find a new way to look at them.

If you have any questions regarding the committee, the conference, or UCLA in general, please feel free to contact me. I wish you the best in your preparation for this committee and, I look forward to meeting you all soon!

Aileen Nguyen | Chair

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