Novice UNHRC


Novice UNHRC


Chair: Mitansh Shah


USG: Prannoiy Chandran



Topic A:  Protection and Rehabilitation of Child Soldiers

Topic B:  Creating a Framework for Safeguarding Privacy in the Age of Mass Surveillance

Committee Type: Dual Delegation

Dear Delegates,

My name is Mitansh Shah and I will be serving as the Chair of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC). I am a sophomore here at UCLA majoring in Computer Science and Engineering and am hoping to pursue a career in software development.

My Model United Nations career started at a small conference at my middle school in New Jersey due to a desire to learn more about the intricacies of international diplomacy. I was enthralled by the idea of the fate of the world resting in the hands of 15 representatives huddled at the Security Council table. Of course, this notion quickly disappeared after I dejectedly realized the deadlock the plagues the UNSC. However, it was the understanding about the scale of positive change that can be enacted through the United Nations that piqued my interest and kept me active in MUN through high school in Mumbai, India.

The UNHRC is the United Nations body responsible for the protection and promotion of human rights around the globe. Over the course of the conference, you will discuss issues that are the realities that many around the world face. As you simulate the body this weekend, keep in mind that it is children the same age as you or even younger that are forcibly conscripted as child soldiers. You will have the chance to engage with topics that do not appear to be as tangible. As internet access becomes ubiquitous, the mass surveillance of our activities is quickly expanding and it becomes imperative for us to create a framework to safeguard our privacy. For many around the world, human rights are something simply promised on promised on paperwork but not something that they are able to enjoy. As members of this committee, it is your duty to ensure that resolutions passed transcend petty politicking and place our humanity at the forefront of every discussion.

Politics is the art of the possible - Otto Van Bismarck
But what is possible? I challenge you to find a balanced solution that resonates for the years to come.
Welcome to the UNHRC.

Mitansh Shah | Chair

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