Novice UNHRC


Novice UNHRC


Chair: Noemi Ruiz



Topic A:  Human Trafficking in Developing Nations

Topic B:  Stunting and Malnutrition of Children in Developing Nations

Committee Type: Dual Delegation

Letter from the Chair

Welcome delegates!

I am Noemi Ruiz and it is a tremendous honor and privilege to serve as your chair! This year our Model United Nations program was ranked eleventh in the nation. The acknowledgement we received is a banner of our hard work and commitment; the story, however is less pedestrian than a moment of due recognition. The essence of Model United Nations is not something that can be quantified; it is not eleven. Model United Nations is awareness and diplomacy. It is negotiating why and how the needs of different countries should be met.

This year will be my fourth and last year participating in Model United Nations at UCLA. As I welcome you to BruinMUN and our committee, I realize how influential MUN has and continues to be in my understanding of self and the world. MUN was the first program I joined when I came to UCLA! Here, I began to polish myself as both a speaker and competitive delegate. Since my first year, I have participated in 5 travel team conferences and have gotten recognized in 4. There is a growth curve in my MUN performance and I attribute my progress to my practice on the circuit. I have also served as achair for BruinMUN , the Model United Nations Summer Institute (MUNSI) and LAMUN. I am happy to introduce you to the United Nations Human Rights Council; we are responsible for protecting the rights and dignity of humans all across the world. We will be discussing the issues ofchildhood malnutrition indeveloping countries and human trafficking. Globally, malnutrition is a robust risk factor for illness and death,  particularly in pregnant women and young children. The same holds true for the issue of human trafficking. Millions ofmen, women and children are kidnapped, virulently tortured and murdered at the hands ofcheap labor, the sex industry, andorganized crime . It’s happening right here, right now, in countries all over the world.

Delegates, the issues of childhood malnutrition and human trafficking are the basis for an unlikely future and represent some of the most intimate chambers of conversations in the UNHRC. The task you have been given is important and will require research and personal investment on your part. Feel free to reach out if you encounter any questions from now until the conference. I want to make sure you come prepared and ready to engage in committee. As a novice committee, we will start with a few reminders on Rules of Procedures and I will also allottime for questions about MUN and the agenda. I look forward to all of you!

Noemi | UNHRC Chair


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