Chair: Madelyn Chen



Topic A:  Promoting Women in STEM

Topic B:  Preserving Indigenous Cultures and Languages

Committee Type: Dual Delegation

Letter from the Chair

Dear Delegates,

Welcome to BruinMUN 2016, and welcome to the novice United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) committee! My name is Madelyn Chen, and I will be your chair for this wonderful conference. This is simultaneously my second year at BruinMUN and at UCLA, where I major in English and minor in both Film and Accounting. During my first year, I gained experience as a travel team member, BruinMUN and LAMUN staffer, and MUN Summer Institute counselor. It was truly a MUNderful year, and I hope this one is brighter than Ban Ki-moon.

When I’m not researching Iran’s environmental policy or stabbing people in crisis simulations, you can find me chowing down at one of UCLA’s delicious dining halls or arguing for a proletarian revolution at our Debate Union. Ask me anything and everything about actual food (pizza) and brain food (books). Since summer, I have been poring over many books to absorb information about our committee topics. This background guide is a compilation of my research, in order to aid and not replace, your research.

So let’s make this committee one for the books! The UNESCO is the “intellectual” agency of the UN, with a focus on fostering peace. This theme runs through our two topics:

I. Promoting Women in STEM

II. The Preservation of Indigenous Cultures and Languages


These topics were carefully selected to emphasize the committee’s values of protecting people and places. The UNESCO is dedicated to eroding cultural barriers while maintaining cultural traditions. As a novice committee, there will also be an emphasis on being properly introduced to Model UN and learning concepts from rules of procedure to resolution writing. This will be a low-pressure, friendly committee in which you can practice your skills and master the basics of MUN. Everyone is encouraged to participate as much as they can. Remember that the committee will be as good as each delegate makes it, and research can only be your friend.


Hopefully the information in this guide can steer your research. In addition to research, each delegation is required to submit one position paper, in which they outline their country’s stance and suggestions on the topics. Please contact for any questions about the topics or position papers. Thank you for your time, and I hope to have a splendid time with you during BruinMUN!


Madelyn Chen

Chair, Novice UNESCO


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