Novice UNEP


Novice UNEP


Chair: Alex Bednar



Topic A:  Climate Refugees

Topic B:  Desertification

Committee Type: Dual Delegation

Letter from the Chair

Dear Delegates,

My name is Alex Bednar, and I will be your chair for this year’s novice United Nations Environmental Program. Before I delve into information on the committee itself, let me first give you a little story of my life and my history with Model United Nations!

I was born in Wisconsin and grew up in Ohio. My experiences with Model United Nations began in middle school with Ohio Model United Nations. I continued with Model UN in college, and I have really enjoyed my time. Since my first time as a staffer at our college conference, LAMUN two years ago, I have participated in nearly all of our travel team conferences, mock conferences, and the conferences we host. Model United Nations and all the members of the club have become huge parts of my life, and have a very large effect on my decisions and path for the future.

I came into UCLA as a Marine Biology major, and planned to pursue ecological research in the future. However, largely thanks to the influence of Model United Nations, I have decided to move towards international relations theory and international environmental policy. I am now a Geography/Environmental Studies major with a Global Studies minor. I can truly say that participating in Model United Nations was key in me finding my passion for international relations and international development studies. I found what I truly love to do and study, and am forever grateful for everything that participating in Model United Nations in college has done for my future career path.

I have a strong passion for environmental issues, and this is why I have chosen to chair this committee. I am looking forward to seeing a lot of strong debate and interesting solutions to the problems presented to you. Hopefully we enjoy lively debate, and I am very excited to chair this committee!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me at

Alex Bednar | Chair UNEP Novice


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