Novice UNDP


Novice UNDP


Chair: Keerthi Balajee


USG: Prannoiy Chandran



Topic A:  Discussing the Socio-Environmental Impacts of Carbon Emissions in Developing Economies

Topic B:  Ensuring Food Security and Clean Water in War-Torn Regions

Committee Type: Dual Delegation

Hello delegates!

My name is Keerthi Pradaa Balajee and I am currently a sophomore studying Electrical Engineering at UCLA. Despite being a science nerd and loving the sciences and math, my passion for Economics and International Affairs and Politics has been unwavering. I have been involved in Model UN since the beginning of high school and through my 5 years of involvement I can confidently say that this has been an extra curricular that has helped me grow as an intellectual, a social being as well as a person. As an international student at UCLA, a lot of things felt foreign to me but the MUN Club at UCLA felt like home.

This year, we will be mulling over two topics in committee, namely: Discussing the Socio-Environmental Impacts of Carbon Emissions in Developing Economies; and Ensuring Food Security and Clean Water in War-Torn Regions. These topics are vast and diverse enough to bring a lot of perspective to the table and I believe that you all can discuss some very exciting resolutions to the problem at hand. At the same time, I believe that these are two topics that need our undivided and immediate attention which will definitely add to the intensity and speed of debate in committee.

Chairing a Novice committee will allow me to stimulate the same interest in you delegates that my past chairs did in me, which allowed me to pursue one of the most rewarding activities through high school as well as college. It is hard enough to raise your hand and speak in front of an audience so I definitely believe that it’s harder to demand to be heard while trying to make an impactful speech. But that being said, I encourage you all to not be afraid of trying and that every attempt is either a success or an experience- and either ways, you win.

As someone who has been involved with the community for so long, I can guarantee that the key to improving and succeeding is asking for help, and I am here to provide you with just that. If you feel stuck, afraid or doubtful of any procedure, topic area or protocol, do not hesitate to reach out to me. Be it a question about MUN, college applications and academics or my life at UCLA, I will be happy to answer your queries and pass on the little knowledge I have acquired through the years.

Lastly, as someone who hasn’t won every single conference she has attended, I can assure you MUN is not about winning but it’s about the connections you make, the knowledge you gain and the life-changing experiences that shape: you, your ambitions and even your small talk.

I am really excited to meet every single one of you and I cannot wait to see all the debate this committee is going to yield over the course of the conference! I wish you all the best of luck in preparation for this conference and I hope you all have fun researching and debating these topics.

Keerthi Pradaa Balajee

Chairperson, UNDP

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