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Chair: Elise Levy


USG: Prannoiy Chandran



Topic A:  Combating Human Trafficking Through International Cooperation

Topic B:  Addressing the Exploitation of Natural Resources in Conflict Zones

Committee Type: Dual Delegation

Dear Delegates,

My name is Elise Levy, chair of this year’s ECOSOC. I am currently a senior political science major at UCLA with a concentration in international relations. I got started with MUN at my community college, as neither my high school nor my middle school had a Model UN team. Now in my fourth year of staffing MUN conferences, it is always amazing to see young students make the most of Model UN and debate current issues and international policy. My passion for international issues began in studying conflict and human rights, so these two topics and especially important to me.

The topics we will be discussing are Combating Human Trafficking Through International Cooperation and Addressing the Exploitation of Natural Resources in Conflict Zones. Both issues are increasingly prevalent in a time when international cooperation, human rights, and the environment are heavily debated topics. I look forward to seeing what perspective younger minds have on these issues, as well as help bring some of you into the world of Model United Nations. Since this is a Novice committee, feel free to ask questions at any time, or email us with any questions. We want this committee to be engaging and interesting, but also help newer delegates learn procedure and decorum. And have fun! Go Bruins!

Elise Levy | Chair

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