Novice DISEC

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Novice DISEC


Chair: Sanjay Pitchai


USG: Prannoiy Chandran



Topic A:  Developing an Aid-Based Response to Extremism

Topic B:  Assessing the Security Threat Posed by Unaccounted Nuclear WasteCommittee Type: Dual Delegation

Dear delegates,

My name is Sanjay Pitchai and I will the Chair for the Venezuelan Cabinet at BruinMUN 2016. I was born and brought up in Bangalore, a city in South India and moved here to go to UCLA. I’m currently a junior majoring in Financial Actuarial Mathematics and Economics and looking to join the financial services industry after graduation. I’ve been actively involved in Model United Nation and Debate since high school and have participated in many conferences and debate competitions over the years because I truly believe that both these activities help to increase our understanding of the world.

MUN provides an opportunity for you as students and delegates to look at a problem from a variety of perspectives; to understand the complexity of an issue that may seem simple but actually isn’t. This is a skill that I believe is necessary in the globalized world we live in today. Whether we engage in conversations about The South China Sea crisis, Brexit or ISIS, it is important to realize that every issue has a large amount of complexity and the patience and willingness to listen to different viewpoints leads to a more intelligent and thoughtful solution for all those involved. As we move closer to this conference, I hope that you keep that in mind with your research. I look forward to hearing you arguments in November.

Sanjay Pitchai | Chair

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