Thank you for participating in LAMUN 2018!

Dear Esteemed Delegates and Advisors,

 Ravid Reif, Secretary General of LAMUN 2018

Ravid Reif, Secretary General of LAMUN 2018

On behalf of Model United Nations at UCLA, I want to express my sincerest thanks to all of you for helping make LAMUN XIII a success. With over 400 delegates, 100 staffers, and 12 committees, LAMUN 2018 was the largest LAMUN yet. Your participation in the conference produced amazing debate and fruitful discussion, and the solutions presented across our committees were unparalleled in their depth and detail. Such a high level of debate would not have been possible without all the preparatory work put in by the attending delegates and advisors weeks and months in advance. Without you, this conference would not have been possible.

It is my hope that all those in attendance walked away feeling accomplished. Our theme for this year was the LA Experience, and I hope each one of you left with a great experience at LAMUN. Whether it was in committee or at our socials, I hope you had a good time debating other delegates and making friends. The Secretariat and I are honored to have hosted you this year, and we hope you return for years to come.


Ravid Reif