Terms of Registration for LAMUN 2018


The registration fees will be as following:

  • School Fee: $85

  • Delegate Fee: $90

If paying via credit card, payment can be made online under the Online Payment tab (after filling out the registration form). If you prefer paying via check, please submit the online registration form and select "check" as the payment option and an invoice will be emailed to you.  Please note there is a $3 per delegate/school processing charge for online payment via credit card.

Checks should be made out to and sent to:

Model United Nations at UCLA

907 Westwood Blvd,

Kerckhoff Hall, Rm 432

Los Angeles, CA 90024

Promotional Offer

In our effort to encourage the growth of budding MUN program, LAMUN XIII offers the following rebate policy:

  • Delegations with 16 - 23 delegates will receive a 50% rebate on the delegate fees of 2 additional delegates
  • Delegations with 24 or more delegates will receive a 100% rebate on the delegate fees of 2 additional delegates

The rebate amount will be returned to each delegation at the closing of the conference.
For any questions regarding this policy feel free to contact our Finance Director Ryan Carr at finance@bruinmun.org

Proof of Payment

In order to streamline registration and prevent delays in receiving committee assignments, we require that you send us Proof of Payment. If paying via check, Proof of Payment can be either a copy of the completed cheque for all registration and delegate fees or the UPS tracking number of the mailed cheque, sent via email to finance@bruinmun.org and CC’d to externaldirector@bruinmun.org.

Please avoid using USPS or FedEx as they have had trouble delivering checks to us and may delay your registration. If paying via credit card, full payment of all registration and delegate fees is required.  Please contact finance@bruinmun.org if you have any questions or concerns.

Enforcement Policy

We will work with you to ensure that every member of your delegation is able to participate. We cannot allow any delegates to participate if they have not paid within the appropriate time frame or made alternative arrangements with our Director of External Relations. If you have any questions, please contact the Director of External Relations, Axel Sarkissian, at externaldirector@bruinmun.org.

Registration Form

The registration form can be found here. The link for payments can be found here.

Delegation Changes

If you wish to change your delegation you must fill out the Delegation Change Form here by April 6th, 2018 in order to receive a full refund for individual delegate fees. If you reduce the size of your delegation, MUN at UCLA will refund your delegation on the first day of the conference, April 19th, 2018. Please indicate who the refund check should be made out to if different from the school name.  If you increase the size of your delegation, you must bring a check for the additional amount owed on the first day of the conference made out to Model United Nations at UCLA.

Committee Assignments

If paying via credit card, committee assignments will be sent within one week* of registration. If paying via check, committee assignments will be sent within one week* of receipt of Proof of Payment. Model United Nations at UCLA reserves the right to make modifications to committee assignments, and to revoke specific committee assignments if the delegation size is reduced by the head delegate.

*once country/character lists are finalized

Drop Policy

If you filled out the delegation changes form by Monday April 6th to inform us of a reduction in delegate numbers, you will be not be charged any per delegate drop fee. However for all drops after April 6th, any delegate drops will be charged the full amount of their registration fees, and no reimbursements will be made. Please work to finalize any delegation attendance changes and notify us by April 6th, 2018 in order to avoid the drop fee and ensure the best committee experience for all attendees. You can pick up an refunds at the registration table during the conference.


We would love to answer any questions you may have about our conference or Terms of Registration. Please direct any inquiries or concerns regarding registration and allocations to our Director of External Relations, Axel Sarkissian, at externaldirector@bruinmun.org, or any questions regarding payment and invoicing to our Director of Finance, Ryan Carr, at finance@bruinmun.org.

Visa Information

International delegations are strongly encouraged to begin the Visa application process early; we have prepared a brief document here that provides relevant information. For any further questions regarding this matter, please email our Director of External Relations, Axel Sarkissian, at externaldirector@bruinmun.org.


Regular registration for LAMUN ends 1st April.

Independent Delegates

Independent delegations are welcome at LAMUN, competing as either individuals or nonaffiliated groups. Please note that independent delegations are not exempt from the school fee.