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Chair: Soumyadeep Chatterjee

Crisis Director: Rishi Bhargava


USG: Adarsh Balaji

Email: usg.crisis@bruinmun.org


Year: 2003

Topic A: The Iraq War

Topic B: Conflicts in Africa

Committee Type: Dual Delegation

Greetings Delegates,
My name is Soumyadeep Chatterjee and I will be your Chair for the UN Security Council

(2003) at BruinMUN 2017. I was born in India, but spent the vast majority of my childhood in Oman in the Middle East. During my time there, I had the opportunity to travel all over the world, and was exposed to a plethora of peoples and cultures, which have greatly influenced my worldview. At UCLA, I’m a senior Electrical Engineering major with a minor in Accounting. Even though I have been involved in Model UN for the past seven years, my enthusiasm towards it has only increased with time. My passion for MUN also stems from the fact that I consider it to be a crash-course on life. I have continued to learn various life skills from MUN such as diplomacy, socializing, public speaking, maintaining relations, leadership and teamwork.

Policy making is a very important part of the political process. Understanding what goes into that decision making process, such as the allocation of scarce resources, is a skill that will serve you regardless of what field of study you choose to pursue. The UNSC has this responsibility for a vast, economically and socially diverse world. The issues we will discuss here are dynamic, with immediate real world ramifications. With that in mind, I have a few pointers for you - first, be prepared - don’t let this background guide limit your research and allow yourself to delve deep into the issue, and uncover facts and ideas that will give you a comparative advantage. Second, envision your speech - ensure that it adds something to the debate and helps you connect with your co-delegates. Third, know your position, and make it clear. Your country has a unique stance on every issue, it is up to you to do justice to that and protect it’s interests. And lastly, and perhaps most importantly, I urge you to enjoy yourself. MUN isn’t mindless debate - it’s an opportunity for you to network and grow as a public speaker, so make full use of it.

This year, the UNSC takes you back to 2003 - a year where the geopolitical landscape of the world was altered forever, and you will be in the shoes of the heads of states of your respective countries, debating and deliberating as they do to ensure a stable, prosperous future. Your actions will work to mitigate some large issues plaguing the world, such as the rampant ethnic conflicts and war in parts of Africa, as well as the Iraq War - a topic that remains controversial to this day. You will deal with the results of your actions as they unfold - so buckle up and get ready for a fantastic, unique experience! Feel free to reach out to me (at with any questions that you may have with regards to this committee, BruinMUN or UCLA.

Soumyadeep Chatterjee

 Chair | unsc@bruinmun.org

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