The Beaver Wars


The Beaver Wars


Chair: Zain Khalifeh

Crisis Director: Justin Van Ligten


USG: Adarsh Balaji


Committee Type: Single Delegation

Hello delegates,

My name is Zain Khalifeh and I will be serving as your chair for the Beaver Wars crisis committee of this year’s BruinMUN. I am currently a sophomore studying Biochemistry pursuing a career in both the practice of medicine and biomedical research. I have participated in Model U.N. since freshman year of high school, and it has allowed me to satisfy my interest in politics and debate that my science classes usually do not address. In the little free time I have outside of class and Model U.N., I enjoy teaching myself a variety of rock and pop songs on the violin, keeping up with the Lakers, and wasting my life away on Netflix (sometimes just rewatching The Office).

The Beaver Wars were among the first events that influenced the early colonial period in the Americas. The aftermath of the Beaver Wars had permanent effects on the political atmosphere between the young European empires. From defining the relationship between colonials and Native Americans to altering the economic dynamic in the New World, there are a lot of moving pieces to consider in this conflict other than military aspect. I am excited to see how you delegates navigate these complicated, codependent topics as you pursue your own personal and committee agendas.

As this is a crisis committee, control over the outcome of the Beaver Wars is entirely in the hands of the delegates. I encourage you all to put forward creative and ambitious solutions. I am confident that our Crisis Director Justin and our crisis staff will incorporate your actions into the trajectory of committee.

I look forward to meeting you all in committee and seeing the interesting journey we take us as we return to and rewrite the Beaver Wars.

Zain Khalifeh


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