Novice UNSC


Novice UNSC


Chair: Evan Palley

Crisis Director: David Clymer


USG: Adarsh Balaji



Year: 2017

Topic A: Armament of Kurdish fighters in Syria

Topic B: North Korean Missile Crisis

Committee Type: Dual Delegation

Hello, brave delegates. My name is Evan Davis-Palley, and I’m a now a fourth year at UCLA. I’m studying Linguistics and Computer Science (that’s one major here) with a double major in Spanish. You might be thinking “What does that have to do with Model UN?” The answer, unfortunately, is nothing. However, that is also the reason I decided to join MUN as a freshman at UCLA - I’ve always been interested in international relations and problem solving, but since my major did not encompass anything related to that, I decided I would have to find another way to satisfy that curiosity - luckily, Model UN was around, and for the past three years I have made a ton of great friends and it has become a rather large part of my life on campus. I hope that I can help you all further your interest in international relations, just like my superiors did when I was younger.

Thanks and good luck,

Evan Davis-Palley | Chair

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