Nicolás Maduro's Cabinet


Nicolás Maduro's Cabinet


Chair: Sanjay Pitchai

Crisis Director: Kunal Jhaveri


Committee Type: Single Delegation

Letter from the Chair

Dear delegates,

My name is Sanjay Pitchai and I will the Chair for the Venezuelan Cabinet at BruinMUN 2016. I was born and brought up in Bangalore, a city in South India and moved here to go to UCLA. I’m currently a junior majoring in Financial Actuarial Mathematics and Economics and looking to join the financial services industry after graduation. I’ve been actively involved in Model United Nation and Debate since high school and have participated in many conferences and debate competitions over the years because I truly believe that both these activities help to increase our understanding of the world.

MUN provides an opportunity for you as students and delegates to look at a problem from a variety of perspectives; to understand the complexity of an issue that may seem simple but actually isn’t. This is a skill that I believe is necessary in the globalized world we live in today. Whether we engage in conversations about The South China Sea crisis, Brexit or ISIS, it is important to realize that every issue has a large amount of complexity and the patience and willingness to listen to different viewpoints leads to a more intelligent and thoughtful solution for all those involved.

Many of you may have heard about the economic crisis in Venezuela, as an economics major, this topic is of great interest to me. The situation in Venezuela is critical and I believe that every decision the cabinet chooses to make will change the future of the nation (Don’t worry no pressure). In this committee I hope you gain an understanding of the real life impacts that the decisions made by a government can have on its citizens. MUN is about learning to deal with large amounts of tough decisions but is also about the ability to use human relationships. Some of my best friends are from conferences in the past and I hope that many of you will able to form friendships that last a long time. This committee represents a personal aim of mine to run a cabinet committee in some way and I’m thrilled that it’s finally coming together. You can rest assured that it will be challenging, fun and entertaining in the extreme. Over the course of the conference, you could influence the future of Venezuela and it’s citizens.

Good luck with your research and see you at the conference.


Thank you,
Sanjay Pitchai,
Chair, BruinMUN 2016


Letter from the Crisis Director

Dear Esteemed Delegates,

My name is Kunal Jhaveri, and I want to welcome you to BruinMUN 2016 and the Venezuelan Cabinet of Nicolas Maduro. As someone who has been greatly involved with Model UN here at UCLA, I am very excited to serve as the committee Crisis Director! I am eagerly looking forward to a great committee that will be informative, engaging, and insanely fun.

To let you know a little about myself- I am a third year Economics and Political Science double major from the small New England town of Trumbull, Connecticut. I am an avid soccer fan, an adventurous foodie, and a passionate reader of Sherlock Holmes novels. For me, deciding to partake in Model UN has been one of the greatest endeavors of my academic career. I began MUN as a freshman in high school and I have never looked back since. MUN has introduced me to a plethora of new perspectives, taught me indispensable professional and life skills, and has enabled me to make some of my closest friends.

The current Venezuelan crisis is a truly consequential issue to not only the South American continent, but to the rest of the international community as well. I firmly believe that this committee will provide a truly unique opportunity to simulate this fantastic case study in international affairs and global economics. Through engagement in this study, we all not only come out as better scholars, but more aware global citizens.

With that, I leave you to conduct your thorough and copious research and formulate your clever and devious plans! If you need any further advice at all, don’t hesitate, just shoot me or Sanjay an email. I very much look forward to meeting with you this fall!

Kunal Jhaveri
Crisis Director, BruinMUN 2016



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