Golden Age of Athens: 5th Century


Golden Age of Athens: 5th Century


Chair: Ilana Golub

Crisis Director: Malvika Varma


USG: Adarsh Balaji


Committee Type: Single Delegation

Hi all,

My name is Ilana Golub, and I’ll be your chair for BruinMUN 2017! I’m absolutely ecstatic for our upcoming weekend, and I know that we’ll make it an awesome one. I’m currently a third year Physiological Science major at UCLA, and I recently declared a minor in Art History. Although the plan is Med School, I do have a passion for travel, history, and the arts--hence the minor. I took a few Classics courses last year, and this is actually where I came up with the idea for “Pericles’ Athens.” I hope to veer away from the idea of Pericles as a glorious hero--turns out, he done goofed. Let’s revamp the misconception that Athens is like the unicorn of Greece! So, yeep, I’m pretty excited.

As for MUN, I kickstarted a club back in highschool, so I became familiar with procedure pretty early on. Here at UCLA, I’ve been active in MUN all three years so far! If you were here for last year’s BruinMUN, you might have seen me running around as an Under Secretary General. Regardless of your abundance or lack of MUN experience, please do not hesitate to ask any questions! I’m a huge supporter of an open door policy, and I definitely believe that the best way to learn MUN is by experiencing it.

I think that Model UN is a wonderful club/class. Even if you don’t wish to pursue politics or debate in your future, getting up on your feet and speaking to a group of unfamiliar faces is absolutely invaluable . Whether it be in interviews, conferences, or school presentations, public speaking is sure to come your way.

So other than MUN, what else am I involved in? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Just kidding! I work in a UCLA Rheumatology Lab, where we research arthritis and myositis in patients. We do lots of super cool techy stuff (if you’re interested, please ask!), and mouse-work is a big part of our study. I’m also involved in the Alumni Scholars Club, as well as another organization that provides clinical care to underprivileged populations near Downtown LA.

Born and raised in SOCal’s Redondo Beach, I love to swim and gym but sadly...I cannot surf. Trust me, people; I have tried. I do, however, pride myself on my mad friendship-bracelet-making skills and my killer lanyards.

I guess that’s about it for now! Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. My email is below.

Ilana Golub | Chair

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