JCC - Godfathers of the Renaissance: House of Medici

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JCC - Godfathers of the Renaissance: House of Medici

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JCC: Godfathers of the Renaissance

House of Medici

Flashback to 1478 Florentine Republic, a medieval and early modern communal state whose de facto ruler was a “citizen” by the name of Lorenzo “il Magnifico”, then head of the powerful Medici family. For decades, the Medicis operated in textiles and banking, and the Medici Bank became the largest amongst all in 15th century Europe. This wealth brought the family political power in Florence, ousting previous rivals such as the Albizzi family and essentially creating a despotic dynasty. Besides business and politics, the Medicis were also enthusiastic patrons of scholarship and the arts, establishing the Platonic Academy and housing artists like Da Vinci, furthering the boom of Renaissance.

Lorenzo ruled with threats, bribes, and strategic marriages that ensured his unchallenged authority in Florence. However, his methods aren’t impeccable, and the Pazzi Conspiracy of 1478 proved partially successful, killing his brother Giuliano and wounding him. The ensuing crisis will demand the committee of Medici family members and allies to address multiple concerns, such as the shrinking assets of the Medici Bank, the wrath of Pope Sixtus IV, stained political relations with neighboring Italian states like Naples and beyond… Meanwhile, to the West of the Mediterranean sea, there has been rumors of an Iberian family gaining prominence by the day, amassing military and political outreach, encroaching upon Italian sovereigns. At any moment, the House of Medici could fall victim to this foreign threat. The question is: will you be prepared to face the House of Borgia when they come for you?

Chair: Sami Block

Crisis Director: Simon Zhang

Coordinating Crisis Director: Dan Zhukov

Email: medici@bruinmun.org