JCC - Godfathers of the Renaissance: House of Borgia

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JCC - Godfathers of the Renaissance: House of Borgia

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JCC: Godfathers of the Renaissance

House of Borgia

The House of Borgia entails a powerful family in Italy with strong connections to the Vatican, producing multiple popes and cardinals. With such influence also came scandal, corruption, nepotism, and accusations of simony in a consolidation of power so famous that it inspired Machiavelli's The Prince.  

The committee takes place in 1478, set during the time in which the Borgia family was bent on establishing themselves within the church and Europe, forcing them to make calculated political and military moves to secure their power in Europe and expand their reaches to alliances with France and Spain. But, with power comes jealousy and deceit in the form of murder of family members, affairs, and corruption to preserve self interest above all. The Borgias will have to work to defend their legitimacy over the Vatican while fending off threats of power from an equally prominent European family, the Medici.

Will the House of Borgia survive such a tumultuous time and secure both the Vatican and Europe, or be torn apart trying?

Chair: Aishwarya Natarajan

Crisis Director: Malvika Varma

Coordinating Crisis Director: Dan Zhukov

Email: borgia@bruinmun.org