United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)

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United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)

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Chair: Shrey Kakkar


1. Data Protection and Privacy Legislation Worldwide

2. Intellectual Property Reforms for Technology Transfer and Competition

Letter from the Chair

Dear Delegates,
My name is Shrey Kakkar, and it is my privilege to welcome you all to BruinMUN 2018. I am a junior at UCLA, and will serve as your chair for the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. This year, the committee will be exciting, challenging and entertaining, and I hope that this conference would be one of the most memorable one in our school year.

I am a native of India, and am currently studying Computer Science at UCLA. Since eighth grade of High School, Model UN had been an integral part of my life. From debating at conferences, to chairing, I cherish every moment of MUN, and I hope you all do to. Apart from programming and MUN, my hobbies include playing table tennis and cricket and solving riddles
and puzzles like Sudoku etc.

This year’s topics for the committee raise some of the most challenging problems in today’s world of technology. Technology in the 21st century is growing like never before, and it is our duty to keep up with this pace. Data Privacy has been a key topic of concern in recent times, and has become even more important to address due to various incidents from the recent past. Also, the problem of Intellectual Property reforms must be discussed and solved, to allow equal access to growth and development to everyone across the globe. I am really excited to hear some brilliant debates and solutions to these pressing problems, and look forward to seeing you all in Fall. Please feel free to contact me at any time, with questions regarding the committee, or Model UN in general.

Shrey Kakkar | Chair

Email: unctad@bruinmun.org