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Model United Nations at UCLA provides a forum for discussion of international relations and events through dynamic and academically stimulating simulation of the United Nations. We host two major Model UN conferences annually, and provide opportunities for members to travel nationally and internationally to compete in collegiate MUN conferences. MUN at UCLA holds weekly general meetings and frequent social events featuring guest speakers, conference and travel training, discussion of international events, and more.

Participation in Model UN activities promotes desirable and marketable traits such as public and impromptu speaking, networking, international engagement, and creative problem solving.

BruinMUN, our fall quarter high school conference, brings approximately 1000 high school students to UCLA for a weekend of debate, healthy competition, and fun. The conference, entering its 21st year, exposes high school students to UCLA and provides leadership experience for our staffers.

LAMUN, our spring quarter college conference, has an eight year history. Several hundred participants from dozens of domestic and international colleges and universities converge in Los Angeles annually to simulate UN style debate in a variety of unique, “crisis based” committees.

Our travel team is open to all and sends delegations to several conferences annually. Unlike many other MUN programs, members can try out for each conference.

Our primary goal is to continue growing and improving our conferences, travel team, and events. We strive to provide a consistently high quality experience at no cost to our members.





Chair: Olivia Draper


Committee Description:

The UN Commission on the Status of Women is an intergovernmental body that focuses exclusively on gender inequality and women’s empowerment. With each meeting of this committee, new policies, global standards, and social norms are formed in order to bring the sexes one step closer to parity. Not only is gender equality a basic human right, but it is also a mechanism for strengthening a variety of sectors, such as the economy, peacebuilding, and productivity. For this reason, the UNCSW serves as a dynamic and strong champion for women

and girls that actively seeks to provide them with a voice on all governmental levels. On its 70th anniversary, the UNCSW will seek to address female employment in times of migration and female security in times of disaster. Delegates must look to their own country’s concern with these issues and must work together to arrive at innovative solutions for the sake of women around the world.

Letter from the Chair

Hello Delegates,

My name is Olivia Draper and I will be chairing the UNCSW at LAMUN 2017! I am a second year applied linguistics major and cognitive science minor. I have been a delegate of MUN and Model Congress since eighth grade, and a member of UCLA’s MUN club since freshman year. During my time here so far, I have staffed both BruinMUN 2015 and LAMUN 2016, and I am looking forward to being a part of yet another wonderful conference.

Becoming an applied linguistics major was largely due to my love for learning foreign languages. Over the years, I have studied Spanish, French, Italian, Thai, and Chinese, but I hope to make that list even longer before I graduate. In the future, I hope to study speech-language pathology so that I can treat patients with communication disorders caused by traumatic brain injuries.

When I am not studying or at a MUN meeting, I am either working at UCLA’s graduate student gym, hanging out at my sorority house, or tutoring middle schoolers in Inglewood. In the free time I can find, I enjoy reading; though I will read just about anything, some of my favorite books are The Kite Runner, The Alchemist, and A Prayer for Owen Meany.

One thing that has always troubled me about MUN is the lack of real actions we should be taking as educated, young adults, to make the world a better place. That being said, I would like to inform you of a way you can help real women in need. For three years now, I have worked with the non-profit organization Free the Girls, which aims to protect victims of sexual assault and help them rebuild their lives through the collection of gently-used bras. For more information, you can email me or visit their website. If you are interested in donating old bras and/or sports bras, I will have a donation box during the conference!

On that note, I would just like to reiterate how excited I am to be working with such bright individuals. As you prepare for the committee, I encourage all of you to shed new rays of light on the problems at hand; though it will not be easy, it will definitely be interesting, and I look forward to hearing your ideas.

All the best,
Olivia Draper

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