Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC)

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Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC)



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Chair: Alex Guziak


1. Regulating the Illicit Trade of Weapons through Online Channels

2. Establishing Stability in Kosovo

Letter from the Chair:

Dear Delegates,

Welcome to BruinMUN 2018! My name is Alex Guziak and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to be the chair for the DISEC this year. A bit of background about myself: I’m a fourth year physics major and bioinformatics minor at UCLA, originally hailing from the northern suburbs of Chicago. This will be my fourth and final time helping staff BruinMUN, and my first time as a chair. I’m also involved our club’s travel team, and have had the opportunity to also staff our collegiate conference, LAMUN. Outside of Model UN, my favorite activities include binge watching shows on Netflix, playing chess, and worrying about my ever-declining GPA while simultaneously doing little about it.

This year’s DISEC deals with two largely disparate issues. Topic A is inherently forward looking, tackling the sales of arms through darknet markets and other online means. Delegates will be asked to address the burgeoning dark web and what it means for arms trafficking. In contrast, Topic B looks to a conflict formally long ended, the Kosovo War. Despite its conclusion almost two decades ago, the scars from the war run deep and still divide not only the Balkan states most directly involved, but also their people and the wider international community. Attempting to heal the wounds of the past will be no small task, but I am confident that the committee is up to it.

As delegates research these topics, I’ll be accessible through email should any questions arise. Please feel free to send any questions to the address listed below. I look forward to meeting everyone in the fall, and I wish all the best in preparations.


Alex Guziak | Chair

Email: disec@bruinmun.org