Truman's Cabinet


Truman's Cabinet

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Chair: Sami Block

Crisis Director: Simon Zhang

Letter from the Chair

Sami Block.jpg

Hi Delegates!

Welcome to the Presidential Cabinet of Harry S. Truman at BruinMUN 2018! My name is Sami Block, and I am so honored to serve as your chair during this committee. I look forward to meeting everyone and hearing some very interesting and important topics debated. I am a sophomore at UCLA majoring in Global Studies with a minor in Entrepreneurship. I was born and raised in LA, and I have been involved in Model UN since my freshman year of high school. As a high school student, I had the privilege to attend BruinMUN a few times and have staffed both UCLA’s high school and collegiate conferences during my freshman year here. I feel that my years of association with MUN have prepared me to chair this conference, and I look forward with excitement and anticipation to some very informative and interesting debate.     

Model UN has been so rewarding for me as it help me choose my major and future career path. Through it, I've developed an interest in and a better understanding of foreign policy and how the international system operates. Model UN also taught me how to think and negotiate and has greatly improved my speaking and writing skills.

I look forward to chairing this committee at Bruinmun 2018. I believe Truman’s presidency is very important in understanding modern US history, as he faced some of the most difficult challenges any American President has ever dealt with. Even though he was considered to be unpopular, he made enormous achievements in both domestic and political affairs. To succeed to your best ability in this committee, I would recommend focusing on understanding how and why these historical events occurred and not just their solutions. Since it is a crisis committee, thinking out of the box can often be beneficial.

Please feel free to email me as I am happy to answer any questions regarding the committee, the conference, or UCLA in general. I wish you the best as you prepare for this committee and, I can’t wait to meet you all soon!


Sami Block | Chair

Letter from the Crisis Director

Simon Zhang.jpg

Dear Delegates,

My name is Simon Zhang, a third year UCLA undergraduate student pursuing a major in Applied Mathematics and a minor in Philosophy. As your Crisis Director, I am responsible for overseeing crisis related matters and ensuring smooth communication between within and without the committee. Marking my fifth year in MUN ever since Junior year of high school, this precious opportunity for me to serve you all feels particularly special. Coming from a foreign background, I’ve always been keen on discourse regarding global issues and international politics, and my past interactions with diplomatic communities only further my curiosity towards disciplines in foreign policy and governance. Hence, my involvement in MUN has been largely out of personal interests. It’s true that MUN in the states is quite different from that abroad, but staffing two previous BruinMUNs and LAMUNs respectively has taught me a lot about crisis as an exciting platform upon which imagination and creativity thrive. This is especially so at Truman’s Cabinet, a group of politicians, officers, and thinkers gathered under the 33rd President of the United States, steering the country in extraordinarily rough times towards peace and prosperity. You, the delegates, will take on the role of these remarkable individuals to reimagine, innovate, and reconstruct, out of the ashes of war, a new world order, one which upholds American values and prevents further human tragedies from occurring on a global scale.

I very much look forward to committee session and seeing the debate around this topic, for the scope of conflict encompasses a multitude of both international and domestic diplomacy at the time period. The US needs to consider its options with regards to Japan’s imminent surrender in the Pacific theatre and negotiate a favorable post-war settlement deal with an ever threatening USSR. Meanwhile, situations at home are not too cheerful either. The economy inherited from FDR’s tenure demands rigorous restructuring following the return of American soldiers with the need for a sustainable peace-time economy. Politically, an ideological battle fought not only abroad but also at home is taking shape, as left leaning rhetorics become targets for attack and terrorisation. In these interesting times, there is no shortage of crises. The Truman Cabinet must overcome obstacles coming from every direction. Whether they are successful hinges on your decisions, and the fate of the American people is in your hands. Best of luck and I hope to see you all soon!


Simon Zhang | Crisis Director