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Guardian Order 732: The Church of Scientology:


Guardian Order 732: The Church of Scientology:


Chair: Alex Guziak

Crisis Director: Kali Croke


Committee Description:

The Church of Scientology is a highly controversial and secretive multinational organization, with a decades old history that includes some of the most startling affairs of espionage carried out by a private institution. At the peak of its undercover operations, the Church had thousands of agents spread over thirty nations during Operation Snow White- a broad conspiracy to remove negative records regarding the Church from a plethora of agencies including the Internal Revenue Service, U.S. Department of Justice, Interpol, and the National Institutes of Health. Consequently, delegates will have a wide range of opportunity to develop unique and exciting arcs for their characters. This committee will formally begin on April 20, 1973 when revered Scientologist founder L. Ron Hubbard (LRH) called for an "effective defense" against "derogatory and false reports" in Guardian Order 732. The committee will consist of representatives of a special meeting of the Guardian's Office- the Church's department for litigation, public relations and investigation- and other high-ranking scientologists who have been entrusted with the responsibility to promote and preserve the image of Scientology and LRH. Through infiltration, sabotage, and other means, the Office will consider how to discredit any records that slander its good name, and how to respond to figures that may be critical of the ideas of Scientology. Delegates must also grapple with how to best increase the Church's membership with its reputation under siege, while potentially considering how to promote their own spiritual ascension and gain notoriety within the Order.

Letter from the Chair

Dear Delegates,

My name is Alex Guziak, and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to chair one of the most exciting committees at LAMUN this year, Guardian Order 732: The Church of Scientology. A bit of background about myself- I was born in Chicago and raised in the not too distant northern suburbs, where I attended high school. I’m currently a second-year physics major at UCLA with a double minor in bioinformatics and statistics, and when I’m not struggling with a problem set or worrying about my ever-declining GPA, I do occasionally enjoy a bit of light reading or Netflix binging.

To this day the Church of Scientology remains a highly opaque institution, with a multitude of secret beliefs revealed only to its elite. Over its decades of existence the organization has been at the center of no shortage of controversies, and this committee will be focused on perhaps the most exciting of them all- Operation Snow White. Spanning dozens of countries and a multitude of official agencies and organizations, the covert scheme will hopefully provide a wide range of opportunity for delegates to develop unique arcs and stories for their characters. I look forward to seeing a great deal of exciting espionage and creative means of infiltration as we work to preserve the good name of the Church against slander and defamation.

I wish you the best in your preparations, and Kali and I both look forward to meeting you in April.

Best regards,

Alex Guziak,
The Church of Scientology,
LAMUN 2017

Letter from the Crisis Director

Dear delegates,

Welcome to LAMUN XII! I am beyond honored and excited to be your Crisis Director for the Church of Scientology committee. I hail from the northern suburbs of Chicago where I started competing in and staffing Model UN my freshman year of high school. In addition to two years with UCLA's high school conference BruinMUN and two years in the Simulations Department at the Chicago International Model UN conference, this will be my second year staffing LAMUN. I have been eating, sleeping, and breathing Model UN since I was 15, and I assure you this experience and passion will make for a smooth, successful, and stimulating committee.

Currently I am a sophomore at UCLA working toward a major in International Development Studies and a minor in Latin American studies. When I'm not engrossed in Model UN or submerged in my schoolwork, you can find me outside exploring the greater Los Angeles area as a non-native and scoping out the best food around town. I will be taking recommendations if anyone has any worthy places to check out.

The Church of Scientology is one of the most fascinating institutions in the world, and though it still stands in some form, its presence today nowhere near parallels the inconceivable power it had at its height in the early 1970s. The Church has historically gone to incredible lengths to preserve its image and following in the face of consistent attempts to defame and dismantle it. No era exemplified this more than at the beginning of 1973, when high-ranking Scientology officials committed one of the greatest infiltrations of the federal government in history in addition to peripheral operations of international scope.

Though characters in this committee have varying degrees of influence and power in the central purging operations, keep in mind that it it is imperative the body cooperate to achieve the Church's goal in the name of their collective leader L. Ron Hubbard. Success is contingent not only on the ability for individuals to manipulate the backchannels of the simulation, but to also work together to represent Scientology in all its glory.

That being said, Alex and I look forward to meeting you all in April to begin one of LAMUN's most exciting committees this year. If you have any questions, concerns, or just want to say hello, feel free to reach out to us at any point!


Kali Croke,
Crisis Director,
The Church of Scientology,
LAMUN 2017



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