Nepalese Civil War

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Nepalese Civil War

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Chair: Aditya Agarwal

Crisis Director: Dan Zhukov

Letter from the Chair

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Dear Delegates,

Welcome to BruinMUN 2018. My name is Aditya Agarwal and I have the privilege of serving as your Chairperson for the Nepalese Civil War. As staffers for your committee, it shall be Dan and my duty to ensure that this upcoming session is the right balance of fun and challenging for you.

A little about myself: I currently am a rising junior at UCLA pursuing majors in Economics and International Development Studies. Hailing from India, I have had the opportunity to participate and experience Model UN conferences both at home and abroad. I have been actively involved with this fun activity for the past six years and often travel with the UCLA team for intercollegiate conferences. Although I plan on pursuing a career in the financial sector, I can also see myself working as a consultant at the UN and passionately debating current world issues. When I’m not busy with Model UN, I nerd-out in the realm of cryptocurrency and also run the Bruin Crypto Trading club. Aside from the extracurriculars, you can always find me procrastinating on any assignment possible while I try to keep up with the insanely fast-paced quarter system.

This year’s committee on the historical crisis in Nepal shall be unique in that it shall seek to alleviate tensions between Maoists and the current government while also deliberating the right political framework for the country of Nepal. As an individual with Nepalese roots, I am especially excited to explore the history and tensions surrounding this civil war in detail and see what creative solutions you come up with. I hope that during the course of the upcoming weekend, you not only passionately debate the issue at hand but also take home memorable moments and long-lasting friendships.

With that said, please feel free to contact me and/or your amazing Crisis Director Dan Zhukov if you have any questions regarding the content of this background guide or the topic/committee in general.

I look forward to seeing you this November!

Aditya Agarwal | Chair

Letter from the Crisis Director

Dan Zhukov.jpg

Dear Delegates,

I am thrilled to welcome you to the Nepalese Civil War committee at BruinMUN 2018! My name is Dan Zhukov, and it is my honor to serve as your Crisis Director during the committee. A little bit about myself - I am a third-year History and Political Science double-major here at UCLA. I was born in Russia and moved to the United States when I was 14, and now live in the San Francisco Bay Area with my family. Outside of classes, MUN, and work at one of the event services departments on campus, I attend regular fencing practices, drink tea with the Russian club on a weekly basis, and consume all sorts of science fiction media.

My path in Model United Nations started in the second semester of my senior year of high school, which already puts all of you ahead of me in that aspect. My friends have convinced me to attend a spring conference as a specialized body delegate, but I was completely blown away after hearing from them how much fun the crisis part of MUN can be. I knew since then that I really wanted to compete on the circuit as a crisis delegate. That led me to check out the MUN club at UCLA at the start of my first year. Since then, I have staffed and chaired several committees at BruinMUN and LAMUN (our collegiate conference), and have joined our club’s competitive team at the start of sophomore year. Additionally, I will serve as one of the crisis USGs of LAMUN, UCLA’s collegiate conference, this year. MUN has become an indispensable part of my undergraduate experience for all the friendships and connections that I have formed over the last two years.

I am extremely excited to CD this committee. Nepal has an incredibly rich history, and the 1996-2006 civil war between monarchists and Maoists is a crucial chapter in it. As members of the cabinet serving the King of Nepal, you all will play a key role in shaping the outcome of this conflict. When preparing for the committee, take into account Nepal’s labor-related and agricultural issues that sparked the Maoist uprising in the first place. Whether you will choose to suppress the rebellion or try to reestablish peace talks with the opposition, consider the solutions that will alleviate these deep-seated problems and ensure that history doesn’t repeat itself.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions you might have about this background guide, our conference, or college life at UCLA in general. I wish you the best of luck in your research, and look forward to meet all of you this November!


Dan Zhukov | Crisis Director