Second Congo War


Second Congo War

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Chair: Nis Hamid

Crisis Director: Krishna Kandala

Letter from the Chair

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Dear Delegates,

Hello and welcome to the Second Congo War crisis committee at BruinMUN 2018! My name is Nis Hamid, and I am a fourth-year Political Science and Global Studies double major at UCLA. I am an international student, born in Sudan to  multicultural parents and raised in the United Arab Emirates. Although I have definitely struggled with issues of identity and belonging, my racial and cultural background are shaping me into a globally-minded academic. A pivotal milestone in my journey to becoming a “global citizen” was participating in Model United Nations. My first MUN conference was during my junior year in high school. At the time, I had no idea what I was getting myself into and that I was going to fall in love with MUN so quickly and deeply. I became head delegate of my high school delegation the following year. Flash forward to four years later, I have staffed every UCLA conference since BruinMUN 2015 and am now serving as chair for the very first time.

Being a part of MUN, both in high school but especially at UCLA, has added to my worldly knowledge and humanly empathy. For that, I am truly honored to be chairing this committee. My first crisis experience was through MUN at UCLA, so it seems fitting that my first chairing experience would have a crisis twist to it, which only adds to my excitement. I am very much looking forward to meeting all of you delegates on one of my favorite and most beautiful places in the world, UCLA’s campus, and I cannot wait to witness the caliber of debate that you will all engage in. This committee specifically is designed to encourage collaboration, challenge you to overcome setbacks and crisis hurdles, and facilitate creativity in coming up with a resolution. Most importantly, my goal for this committee is to inspire you to learn more about the Second Congo War and African history in general.

This is not a conventional Model United Nations committee. Along with being a crisis committee, it is both historical and regional, as you will be a delegate from one of the member states of the Organization of African Unity, now replaced by the African Union, an intergovernmental organization that ceased its operations in 2002. The events of the Second Congo War were short-lived, but they had a lot of historical and political significance in shaping Africa today. Being of African roots, I am personally thrilled to lead this committee and hear everything you have to contribute about an often forgotten piece of history.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this committee, BruinMUN, or UCLA in general, please feel free to contact me via the email below. I wish you all the best in your preparation for this conference and I will see you all soon!


Nis Hamid | Chair

Letter from the Crisis Director


Dear Delegates,

I’d like to formally welcome you all to BruinMUN 2018! My name is Krishna Kandala, and I’ll be serving as your Crisis Director for this committee. Crisis has always been my favorite style of Model United Nations, and I’m excited to see how you all work with each other, stimulate meaningful debate, and respond to updates in this committee. A little about myself; I’m a fourth-year Biology major on a pre-med track set to graduate at the end of this school year. I’ve always considered myself both a history buff as well as a political activist, which drew me to Model United Nations. I’ve been involved in MUN all throughout high school as a delegate, and got involved this past year with the amazing Model UN club here at UCLA this past year. I’ve been lucky enough to staff in crisis committees such as the United Nations Security Council as well as a Game of Thrones committee, and am beyond excited to be a CD and help build the crisis arc for BruinMUN this year!

Model United Nations means a lot to me; in high school, it helped me find my voice as a student, as an activist, and as a leader. Being involved in debate has taught me to listen to the opinions of others while maintaining my own stance, as well as learning to work with others towards a common solution. Crisis, specifically, has shown me how dynamic and fast-paced committee can be and has dramatically improved my ability to make quick yet rational decisions. Overall, being involved with such an amazing club has shown me the merits of listening as well as being listened to. I’ve been able to grow and learn much about myself as a result of being involved in Model UN and I hope that you all are able to experience that as well.

This committee specifically is something I’ve been excited for since my involvement in MUN; I’ve always wanted to build a crisis arc for the Second Congo War. I’ve always followed current as well as historical events in Africa, and this conflict specifically spoke to me as it was the largest, most destructive war in Africa, even being termed the African World War. Researching this conflict has drawn me to be informed about foreign issues and conflicts around the world, and I’m confident that being a part of this committee as a delegate will inspire the same level of activism and interest in you all.


Krishna Kandala | Crisis Director