Aztec World (Novice)


Aztec World (Novice)

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Chair: Aishwarya Natarajan

Crisis Director: Ilana Golub

Letter from the Chair

Aishwarya Natarjan .jpg

Hello and Welcome to BruinMUN 2018!

It is my pleasure to serve as your Chair for Aztec World this year with my amazing Crisis Director, Ilana. I know we are both invested in creating a great experience for new crisis delegates and hope to put on a dynamic, informational, and enjoyable committee.

A little about myself: I am from the SF Bay Area and I have been doing MUN since my sophomore year of high school. Currently, I am a third year pre-med Biology major and Global Studies minor at UCLA, and this will be my sixth year of MUN. Outside of MUN and cramming for exams, I work at a Learning and Memory lab on campus where I participate in modeling schizophrenia in zebrafish. In addition to this, I work at the Center for Assault Resources on campus to try and create a safer environment for students and coordinate educational outreach as well as workshops and volunteer at the hospital.

With Aztec World, Ilana and I are hoping to provide crisis delegates an exciting experience while also prioritizing diversity in this year’s BruinMUN. We want to put on a committee that encapsulated the Aztec point of view during the colonization of Latin America, and hope that you through your research also begin to understand what the Aztec point of view was during this tumultuous time.

Please do not hesitate  to reach out if you have any questions regarding the committee, and we will be sure to create a welcoming environment as your gateway to the world of crisis committees!


Aishwarya Natarajan | Chair

Letter from the Crisis Director

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Hi all,

My name is Ilana Golub, and I’ll be your crisis director for BruinMUN 2018! I’m absolutely ecstatic for our upcoming weekend, and I know that we’ll make it an awesome one. I’m currently a fourth year Biology major at UCLA, with a minor in Art History. Although the plan is Med School, I do have a passion for travel, history, and the arts--hence the minor.

As for MUN, I kickstarted a club back in high school, so I became familiar with procedure pretty early on. This will be my 8th year of MUN and my 4th with UCLA. Regardless of your own experience with MUN, please do not hesitate to ask any questions! I’m a huge supporter of an open door policy, and I definitely believe that the best way to learn MUN is by experiencing it.

So other than MUN, what else am I involved in? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Just kidding! I work in a UCLA Rheumatology Lab, where we research arthritis and myositis in patients. We do lots of super cool techy stuff, and mouse-work is a big part of our study. I’m also involved in the Alumni Scholars Club, as well as another organization (FISH) that provides clinical care to underprivileged populations both in Mexico and Downtown LA.

Born and raised in SoCal’s Redondo Beach, I love to swim and gym but sadly...I cannot surf. Trust me, people; I have tried. I do, however, pride myself on my friendship-bracelet-making skills and my pretty sweet lanyards.

As for BruinMUN, I am incredibly excited to explore the Aztec world. I’ve geared my minor towards a specialization in Mesoamerican Art and Architecture, so of course I think this is a fascinating field! It’s one that is absent from so many history classes and so many textbooks; I’m hoping that you guys will come to love this area as much as I do. My goal as this committee’s Crisis Director will be to ensure that delegates are kept on their toes 24/7. I hope to incorporate your wonderful crisis arcs and create a dynamic, diverse and intense committee--where you can explore a plethora of subtopics.

While this background guide will provide you with a brief introduction to our agenda, it should by no means encompass the scope of your research for the conference. Try to immerse yourself into the character you have been assigned. Think of the power, finances, politics and relationships that your character would have had on the eve of colonial conquest, and try to find ways to strengthen them accordingly. On behalf of the staff, I wish you good luck for your preparations for this conference. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to send me an email. I look forward to meeting you soon!


Ilana Golub | Crisis Director