Chair: Aditya Agarwal


USG: Aishwarya Natarajan

Email: usg.ga@bruinmun.org


Topic A: Peacebuilding Commission: Yemen

Topic B: Peacebuilding Commission: Burundi

Committee Type: Dual Delegation

Dear Delegates,

Welcome to BruinMUN 2017. My name is Aditya Agarwal and I have the honor of serving as your chairperson for this year’s session of the United Nations Peacebuilding Commission. Although not a conventional General Assembly committee, the UNPBC is guaranteed to be detail-oriented and challenging, and I look forward to a weekend of eloquent debate.

Hailing from India, I have been competing at Model UN conferences since the past six years, and I often travel with the UCLA team for intercollegiate conferences. I am currently a rising sophomore intending to pursue a double major in Economics and International Development Studies.

This year’s topics address some of the more sidetracked, yet politically pivotal topics of the developing world. The UNPBC itself shall be unique, in that it would only aim to alleviate inter-governmental and civil tensions but will also strategize for post-conflict redevelopment of the member states.

If you have any questions regarding the content of this background guide or the topic/committee in general, please do not hesitate to contact me at any point. I look forward to seeing you this coming November.

Aditya Agarwal | Chair unpbc@bruinmun.org

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