Chair: Trishila Malhotra

Email: unhrc@bruinmun.org


Topic A: Human Rights Violatons in Burundi 

Topic B:  Labor Rights in Developing Countries

Committee Type: Dual Delegation

Letter from the Chair

Dear Delegates,

I am honored to welcome you all to the UNHRC at BruinMUN 2016! My name is Trishila Malhotra and I will be your Chair for this committee. I am a senior at UCLA, and am studying Economics and International Development Studies. I grew up in New Delhi, India and moved to the USA only after deciding to pursue my undergraduate studies at UCLA. I have been participating in Model UN since the 9th grade, and continue to be a part of it in college as a member of UCLA’s travel team, and by staffing our two conferences, BruinMUN and LAMUN.

Besides MUN, I am involved with other organizations on campus such as USAC (on-campus student government), two management consulting-related groups called BGreen Consulting and UConsulting, Indus at UCLA (UCLA’s South Asian student organization), All of Us (a campaign for mental health on campus) and even our EDM club, UCLA EDMC! Outside of college, I enjoy reading, playing and composing music, playing football (the real football!) and travelling to new places; so far I have travelled to more than 33 countries around the world and plan to travel to many more. After my time at UCLA, I intend to work with a management consulting firm or pursue further studies in law and international relations.

Both of our chosen topics are important issues that affect countries around the world. Both agendas involve complex problems that may not necessarily have clear-cut solutions in sight, however I am confident that all of you will carry out a high level of debate and comprehensively address all questions that are raised during committee.

I’m looking forward to having a great conference and interacting with all of you at BruinMUN! If you have any questions regarding the committee, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Trishila Malhotra | Chair of UNHRC


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