Chair: Anant Mahajan

Email: unep@bruinmun.org


Topic A: The Promotion of Renewable Energy Resources

Topic B: The Prevention of Deforestation and the Exploitation of Natural Resources


Letter from the Chair

Hello Delegates!

My name is Anant Mahajan and I will be your chair for UNEP at BruinMUN 2016! I look forward to interacting with you all in a fruitful conference held here on the UCLA campus. I’ve been a fan of MUN and International Relations since the very beginning as I’ve had a truly multicultural upbringing. I was born in Kolkata, India and raised in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. In my eighteen years before UCLA, I have visited China, Switzerland, France, the UK, Oman and Qatar. I am currently a third year Computer Science major with dreams of working at Google. This is my second year as a chair at BruinMUN as I had the opportunity to be the Director of the Security Council at BruinMUN 2014 and the chair of the DISEC at BruinMUN 2015. I have been active in Model UN since my junior year of high school. I have since then attended and won awards at multiple Model UN conferences around the world as a high school and college level delegate.

As a Computer Science major, logic and teamwork are very important to me, and I love seeing them both utilized effectively inside the UNEP to solve real world problems. In the past I have tried to stick to arms and weapon related committees such as the DISEC and Security Council but I’ve decided to try something new and chair the UNEP as I begin to see the huge impact of our unsustainable resources use. I believe, apart from knowledge, a skill you will gain in this conference is the ability to communicate in a diplomatic way; one of the most important skills to have in today’s world.

I believe the key to a great Model UN is preparation, so I encourage each and every one of you to give your all while preparing, and research your topics as well as your country’s standing on the topics thoroughly through multiple sources.The UNEP will be one of the most meaningful and entertaining committees this year, and I hope you will all learn and grow as a result of your participation. My dais and I would love to hear any questions you have, and you can reach us at the email provided on this letter. I look forward to meeting all of you and hearing your stances on the various interesting topics we have this year. I hope we have an interesting few days filled with thoughtful debate, intense policy creation, and last but not least, fun.

Anant Mahajan | Chair of UNEP


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