Chair: Kelly Chen

Email: iaea@bruinmun.org


Topic A: Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Technology

Topic B: Monitoring and Verification in DPRK

Committee Type: Dual Delegation


Letter from the Chair

Greetings, delegates.

Welcome to BruinMUN 2016! I am excited and honored to be your chair for the International Atomic Energy Agency.

As a fourth-year psychobiology major, I have often found myself blurring the line between the sciences and humanitieshaving conducted research for the FAO on food security, for the LAPD on hazard vulnerability analyses of climate change, and simultaneously also running subjects through clinical psychology trials involving cutting-edge MRI technology right here on campus. These interdisciplinary experiences have shaped my career aspirations, and this being my eighth and final year in MUN, I believe I am qualified to say that the skills developed by this program have not only played a major role in broadening my worldview but also have made me receptive to exploring unlikely avenues of research.

Outside these academic pursuits, I am also an avid runner, having resentfully trudged through four years of high school cross country before discovering trail running in college. This led to several solo backpacking expeditions, which, in turn, led to bouldering, free climbing, and all other sorts of vaguely dangerous, vaguely related activities.

If anything, it is with this open mindset that I hope you approach your preparations for committee. Please know that I will always be available for any questions you might have, and I look forward to seeing you in debate!

All Best,
Kelly Chen | Chair of IAEA


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